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  • Deal With the Devil | ✔️
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    I pushed at his chest, but it was useless. He stayed, his arms caging me in. "Anastasia," he hummed against my ear, my name rolling off his tongue. "I know you want me just as bad as I want you." I couldn't deny it anymore, I was his. ~>~ A romance novel Started: 11/28/2017 Finished : 03/04/2018 Highest Ranking: #96 1...

  • Dominated
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    "You haven't asked for my name." "Should I dare to ask? I might want more than one night if I know your name." He caressed her cheek and captured her lips in a slow kiss. If she didn't know any better, she would have mistaken his affection for love. He touched and kissed her sweetly as a lover would. "Call me Leigh."...

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