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  • Unbreakable love (Karma x Nagisa)
    20.1K 446 53

    Nagisa has always had a crush on Karma. With a kiss, this story takes turns. With a hug, the story of their love is unbreakable. The love between the two grew stronger. No matter the battles. Achievements!! #173 in Nagisa #263 in Karma #30 in karmaxnagisa

    Completed   Mature
  • KarmaXNagisa Drunk One-shots
    53.2K 1.5K 9

    I really like drunk fic moments with these two, so I decided to make a story of one-shots with that being the theme.

  • Should we keep it a Secret? (KarmaXNagisa)
    31.8K 1.1K 9

    Karma Akabane - A middle schooler who transfers to another school somehow in a mysteriously blink of an eye. Reason? A hired hitman and serial killer. Well he always had that 'killing intent' in him, right? On a particular mission, he is sent to one of the top prestigious schools in Japan- Kunugigaoka High - To kill...

  • Not so Different After All (KarmaxNagisa)*Demon AU*
    55.3K 2.8K 15

    Well, I'm just responding to a request from one of my amazing followers @Hino1Hyuga Hope you like it as much as my first one! Nagisa lives in a small apartment building with his sickly mother. Desperate for money to help cure his sick mother, he lives out on the streets, trying to find something to do for money. He di...

  • Do you really love me? | Karma x Nagisa
    54 4 1

    Everyday, Nagisa asked the same question. "Does Karma really love me?"

  • Karma x Nagisa (Lemon)
    429 7 1

    beware it's a lemon

  • Learning To Love - Nagisa x Karma Lemon
    142K 2.4K 6

    One day Nagisa finally noticed why his heart was racing so fast when he walked near Karma,or tried to look into his eyes,why his voice was stuttering when he talked with his best friend? Does he have feelings for him? Warning This story is yaoi It has lemoney stuff in it Don't like boy x boy? Don't read

  • Karma x Nagisa (Lemon)
    1.3K 8 3

    Hi Everyone!!!!! Is me,this is my first fanfiction I'll Post every fanfiction Sunday

  • karma x nagisa lemon
    4.4K 81 9

    i have no shame in this😐

  • Karma X Nagisa!
    349 7 3

    Your basic KarmAgisa yaoi story. Stay seated and pass the nose bleed tissues.

  • I Love You. (Karma X Nagisa One Shot) {Smut}
    14.1K 427 2

    "Say it Nagisa. I know it's true." Disclaimer: Includes Boy On Boy action! Smut is and will be involved in this one shot. I'm not good at descriptions, so just read it. Please Don't Judge!

  • Karma x Nagisa (YAOI stuff)
    1.2K 25 5

    Karma + Nagisa = A fanfiction you know you want to read...

  • Red and Blue Blooded Assassins(Karma x Nagisa)
    117K 4.2K 12

    First time writing one of these! P.S. Do not read this if you don't like gun use and violence, go one and read it if you are comfortable with this. Nagisa is the shyest and most quietest person in school. Nothing ever happened in his life as far as other people are concerned, but he's more dangerous than anyone. Karma...

  • With The Crimson Red (Yandere!Karma x Nagisa)
    6.5K 166 5

    "I would kill everyone that gets in the way of me and you, my beautiful Nagisa-chan,"

  • Am I not good enough? (Nagisa Ver)[Discontinue]
    9.6K 378 9

    What happen when two Yandere fall in love? Let find out.WARNING:Boyxboy, sexual content, and LOTS OF GRUESOME MOMENTS.ENJOY!!!MOST OF THE PICTURES BELONG TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS!!! I WILL WORK THIS OUT WHEN I'M IN HIGH SPIRIT!

  • Be mine and mine alone
    28.3K 893 33

    When Karma finally had enough of people trying to steal Nagisa away,he ends up taking some drastic measures to ensure that Nagisa will never want to leave him for anyone else (Karma X Nagisa/Nagisa X Sugino) Warning: abuse,minor gore,rape