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  • six hours || shawn mendes [short story] [completed]
    791 86 7

    [completed] In which a boy takes a girl he barely knows on a six hour long walk, finding out everything there is to know about her, and visa versa.

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr Mendes { completed }
    92.8K 1.8K 55

    Contains: (smut and sexual references)

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr. Mendes 2
    57.6K 762 22

    This is the sequel to 'mr Mendes ; sm' :))) Contains: (smut and sexual reference)

  • Until My Last Breath
    18.5K 668 45

    „Do you still hate me?" he asks, making me stop and turn around. „Why do you want to know that so badly?" „Because I want you to feel at least something for me." . I'm Rose Anderson. A girl with a heart disease and too many problems to handle. How I got to meet Shawn Mendes? That's a longer story...

    26.7K 853 28

    How funny, isn't it? Sometimes the ones you love and trust the most are the ones who only dedicate to constantly hurt you, not minding about your feelings or what you have done for them. _______________ Original story, copies are not allowed. If you want to adapt it, you must ask first. In case of noticing any typo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy [s.m]
    318K 7.2K 32

    Rebecca had everything; two parents who loved her, an amazing best friend and even a boyfriend. But all of what she loved got taken away from her when she was taken into a car one night. Rebecca must call her master, daddy or master. She has rules, and if she doesn't obey, Shawn can do whatever he wants with her. Beca...

    Completed   Mature
  • shawn mendes imagines
    643K 21K 184

    I quite like this guy... ['*' means 'sexual content']

  • Mr. Mendes & Me
    113K 2.5K 36

    This is so wrong! I know I should stop but something deep inside me tells me not to let go. But why? Am I falling in love with him? Am I in love with my teacher? Oh my god! I am in love with Mr. Mendes!

  • Daddy S.M
    145K 2.9K 13

    He's beautiful beyond imagination, yet the only flaw he has is having his true hearts desire be a painful experience with a girl whom he may fall in love with. Along the way, will he sacrifice everything for her? Is his love true? Or is his love fatal, and will leave her soul crushed? Forever. Highest Ranking on "...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy S.M II
    164K 3.7K 20

    Edwina grows to take care of her child through thick and thin. She does whatever it takes to keep her child safe and healthy, will Shawn do the same? His tour getting in the way of his family causes him to choose. Family, or fame? Highest Ranking on "Daddy S.M" : #1 February 19th, 2017 [ RECOMMENDED TO READ "Daddy S...

  • Daddy S.M III
    52.1K 1.5K 10

    Time has passed them both, Edwina found her new job with the help of Beau. And Shawn done touring. But with a simple run-into make them choose to shrug it off as if they've moved on? Or will that run-into turn into something much more? So much more that it might just fix their family back together again. [ RECOMMENDE...

    Completed   Mature