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  • Long Night (Sing 2016)
    1K 18 7

    When Johnny gets injured trying to protect Mike from the mob of bears he owes money to. Everyone's in for a long night

  • Johnny x reader ( Sing !)
    55.6K 1.3K 11

    A few months after the Moon theater was rebuilt, life was a bit complicated for Johnny as he tried so hard to collect money to bail his father out of jail. Until a sweet girl named (Y/N) entered into his life.

  • Max
    15.2K 407 18

    Johnny and Max have been friends since they were kids. What will this new character add to the story of the movie Sing! I know that the movie just came out recently, but I have been looking for a Johnnyxoc story. All I can find is JohnnyxAsh stories. I think that they are cute together, but I'm just not drawn to that...

  • Sing x Reader
    60.3K 1.4K 21

    Another one shots book, with the Sing characters. Some of these one shots can just be making friends or falling in love. I don't own anything aside from some of the scenarios that are written. If you want to request a scenario idea, please message me. No OC's, no lemons please!!

  • Sing/Zootopia: Animals Unite! All Creatures Great and Small Can be anything!
    809 24 8

    This is a fanfiction story about the characters from the movies Sing and Zootopia, animals are living in harmony until a larger wave of hate and fear splashes on them! Will the characters have the strength and resolve to overcome this kind of obstacle? Johnny the Gorilla and Ash the Porcupine from the movie Sing and J...