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  • Blue is for Honesty (Book One)
    1.2K 138 24

    ""Now, count the stars that you see." Her life has been nothing more than a cell of dark grey and magenta. Her captors only come by to give her food, water, and check if she's still there. All this does is fester her anger for them. But she knows that her current conditions are partially her fault too. She's been a...

  • Red is for Compassion (Book Two)
    1.1K 93 25

    "We'll get through it." She was kidnapped months before by a man who was hungry for a debt her parents couldn't pay. He decided to take her instead. She was thrown into a cage and tested on once every week. That's what resulted in her... Unique genetics. He was raised from a young age to be cautious of new people and...

  • Purple is for Determination (Book Three)
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    "Are we supposed to be afraid of death?" The streets are her home now. Well, more specifically the old abandoned Pizza shop is her home. Ever since the death of her parents during an alien abduction, she's been alone. And the fact that her own clumsiness was the cause of her becoming a freak of nature doesn't help her...