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  • Beauty And The Vampire: It All Started With A Rose
    2.2M 92.3K 52

    A dark mysterious vampire fantasy novel * Everyone has heard of the tale of the Beauty and Beast. About a father who picks up a Rose for his daughter. About a daughter who sacrifices herself for her father. And a tormented Prince cursed by a fairy. What if Vampires weren't as sparkly as some people said them to be...

  • Illusion [Scorose]
    66.6K 2.2K 44

    Rose Weasley couldn't think of anybody she hated more than Scorpius Malfoy. Then again, her mother had already told her that hate is a very strong word. So when tables turn what will happen? Love or disaster? And what will their family think?

  • The Beast Within (Newt Scamander)
    54.6K 1.3K 34

    "I've seen you now, and I can't forget you." Rosemary Lucetta Graves is the daughter of Percival Graves, the head of the Magical Security in America. After finishing Hogwarts, the Ravenclaw is then put in a test between faith.., Between faith in Rosemary's father and the rest of the MACUSA... Or faith in a man she jus...

  • Mystical (Mystical #1)
    631K 28.9K 36

    When Eliza Rose found out she was a witch, she thought she'd be casting spells... However, it turns out Eliza is on her way to becoming a mystical assassin. But first she has to start college with her best friend Dawn Roberts and her feline familiar Jared. If you think college is stressful, try finding your best frien...

  • My Doc is Pretty Possessive
    214K 7.6K 37

    **Not edited** Tiana Whitlock A Doctor, Curvaceous and sexy, beautiful and bold. Finishing her studies she had to complete her 6 months internship. Her long lost lover is the reason she wouldn't allow herself to love anyone, anymore. Avoiding,ignoring and rejecting is all she did the past years but...

  • Two Vampires In Love
    48.5K 790 26

    (No Rosalie just Annalise) (Some similarities to Rosalie but I'm changing it so they don't have the exact same story) Annalise Morgan was born in Rochester, New York, 1915 born to a very rich family. She was walking home one night from her cousins house when she was mugged, beaten, and stabbed one night in April, 1933...

  • First Priority // Fantastic Beasts
    38.6K 1.2K 18

    His first priority was taking care of the creatures in his case but the lady with the blue bow was a close second. - Fantastic Beasts and where to find them - (Book one - First Priority) (Book two - If I Fall) (Book three - Dear Happy)

  • An Angel Meeting Darkness
    68K 2.1K 13

    Emmaline is that girl that's a lost-cause. She's lost her way in life and has nothing to live for after her family was killed off by a gang of vampires. The only thing she has is her books and the money that her family left her. As Emmaline tries to live her empty life and the secret that killed her family, will her a...

  • Rectify {Newt Scamander}
    323K 30.3K 27

    Sequel to Acrimony Tegwen Gittins has dodged Death on more occasions that she can count on both hands. Her time in New York City only added to the count but it allowed the woman to heal as she came face to face with an old classmate, Newt Scamander. Old wounds were reopened but were able to begin healing properly as s...

  • The Becoming (Daughters of Darkness Book 1)
    184K 10K 28

    Lucy doesn't have any memories from when she was a child. All she remembers is the boy who saved her life, after she had been attack by a vampire. Years later she knows that the world of nightmares is real. She goes to school with them on a daily basis as her uncle attempts to integrate 'peaceful' vampires into norma...

  • Skulls and Bones ▸ Sam Uley
    498K 21.1K 33

    In which Regan Hamilton is imprinted on by her best friend's fiance and Sam Uley is really tired of his ancestors deciding who he gets to be. [ wolfpack saga, book one ] [r. hamilton, cover by amanda]

    Completed   Mature
  • Into The Woods (18+)
    952K 36.4K 29

    Aceso has always been sheltered by her pack ever since she was a little girl. Never being allowed to leave for school field trips, and always kept on a tight leash. Little does she know that when she turned of age the malicious secrets of her pack come out to play... Xavier Campbell has never had it easy in life. In a...

  • The Hybrid ( BOOK I & II)
    13M 486K 72

    "Do you really want me, all of me? I'm not like other werewolves or vampires. I can't mark you, I can't fully shift into wolf form, I have a beast inside of me, Genevieve. Is that what you really want?" *****Best Ranking: #1 Vampire 5/13/2015 **** ((ROUGH DRAFT))

  • Little Wolf
    928K 29.9K 50

    Alpha Nolan Greyson knows his little mate is still alive, even though it's been ten years since her pack got wiped out. Going to surrounding packs, he's looked. When he finds her, she was beaten and scared. Ebony doesn't know what to think of Nolan's kindness for fear of him flipping on her. Having been kept in a cage...

  • Roses ✔️
    3M 101K 46

    ⚠ A DARK PARANORMAL TALE ⚠ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ This tale spans three; A king that likes to stay hidden in the shadows, A sadistic Master that loves the light, and A rose barely blossomed to life. One has got to give.

  • Hex
    877K 48.2K 42

    {Completed} Ruth is a witch. Due to a hectic mind her powers are getting out of control, so on the suggestion of a friend she decides to take a break. Using the home of an old friend Ruth finds solace in the wilderness from the nightmares that plague her nights and haunt her days. It's supposed to be stress free but...

  • The Bad Boy Boxer {IN EDITTING}
    163K 5K 17

    Ever heard of the quote 'a life spent making mistake is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.' Yes well that is what made me switch off my Sherlock marathon and go to Jamie Frost's party, if going is a mistake then it'll be a lesson learned and better than sitting at home doing not...

  • The Alpha King and His Mate #Wattys2016 (EDITING)
    154K 5.2K 14

    -The Alpha King and His Mate- "But the most important thing that I realised is that I'm hopelessly, incredibly, completely, head over heel in love with you. And I never want to stop.", I whispered the last few words but he still heard. He put his mouth next to my ear and whispered,"I love you too Marina, forever and a...

  • The Beast
    337K 11.5K 30

    She thought she was hopeless... He thought he could never find her... But when their paths cross, both their lives turn upside down and he just had to hope... For who could ever learn to love... THE BEAST? (Book 1 of The Fairytale Series) *Beauty and The Beast*

  • Penitent - on hold
    26K 950 8

    ''Mate or not, you're always going to be my best friend,'' said he, but little did she know, it was all a lie. *Stand-alone book*

  • Furs Over Skins
    112K 5.6K 14

    The only word he had ever said to me was "mine", and I hadn't seen him in his skins ever since our first encounter. I was used his grey wolf watching me. Outside my window, outside of school, always in the trees. It was unsettling, and I had definitely become more a more wary person because of it. Sometimes I swear I...

  • My Innocent Little Mate
    62K 1.7K 10

    Winter is a genius. She knows how to do it all and has much more potential than they would ever know..if only her parents would give her space to truly discover them. But no, they always controlled her. Always abuse her if she had done something wrong even if it was small. And she grew afraid of mistakes thus making h...

  • Wolf. (Saga Wolf #1.)
    1.1M 81.2K 30

    En Blackstone, un pueblecito perdido en Virgina, las cosas siempre habían sido tranquilas y todos los vecinos vivían metidos en sus propias rutinas: todo esto cambió cuando doce chicos se convirtieron en nuestro principal foco de problemas. Esos chicos se pasaban todo el curso en el despacho del director e ignoraban d...

  • Shadow Wolf [Vol. I]
    1.8M 106K 60

    Penny was living a normal life before she found out she was a pure heart. Coveted by the vampires and most importantly the Shadow Wolf she finds herself in the center of the survival of a species. Death marks not the end but the beginning of a twist no one saw coming. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Werewolves cannot just b...

  • His Little Princess
    213K 6.3K 7

    Book #1 in Little Series Dante Knight is a cold, heartless multimillionaire. He owns the worlds leading business by being the most ruthless mafia leader. One night when going to collect a well overdue dept he meets a gorgeous little nymphet. The minute he sees he knows that she is his. His little Princess. She didn't...

  • My Alpha Mate
    2M 43.4K 21

    93.4K 2.9K 28

    Genevieve Ambrose is innocent, pure and true. She is loved by everyone and trust's everyone, no matter her brothers warnings. Alec Di Giovanni was a man whore, evil and trusted no one he hasn't known for over 5 years. He is alpha of the Blood Eclipse Pack and wants nothing more than to meet his mate. So what happens w...

  • Alpha King
    168K 5.3K 10

    "Hello Alpha King Sir, I was assigned to clean your room." I bowed slightly. "Stand up." he commanded, his tone serious. "Do you smell that?" I asked as I looked around the room to locate the smell. I didn't find anything so I turned back around and The Alpha King's eyes were as red as blood. "Mine!" he yelled and too...

  • Psychotic
    1.9M 63.7K 76

    «Je l'aimais, pas pour la façon dont elle dansait avec mes anges, mais plutôt comment le son de son nom réussissait à faire taire mes démons»- Christopher Poindexter. ___________ Je ne suis pas l'auteur de l'histoire, je ne fais que la traduire, parce que je veux la faire découvrir au plus de gens possible. La vérita...

  • Remy
    2.7K 186 3

    Irina Yepes hails from a family of rogues, living free from the grasp of a pack. She is tasked with the monumental job of running the family business; a large cafe on the outskirts of Orchard Valley. The first of its kind, Orchard Valley is a self-sufficient werewolf settlement, home to thousands of lycans and tucked...