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  • The path of life and love. Justifer.
    4.9K 91 10

    Follow Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux on their path of life and love. The storyline is about how I imagine things could've gone and therefor the story is completely fictional.

    Completed   Mature
  • Being in Love with my Best Friend
    2.1K 34 3

    Ross and Rachel Fan fiction also Rated R content later ;)

  • eternity
    964 51 7

    finding true love.

  • Jennifer Aniston: The dream that came true
    1.3K 54 5

    A teenage girl loses her family, only to be found by her idol and get to live out her dream.

  • THE daughter
    4.7K 58 7

    I'm Jennifer Aniston's daughter, and yeah that's a good thing. But when you father goes crazy, remember you have his blood and want take you from your mother, what do you do?

  • The Secret
    6.2K 130 8

  • The One With The Reunion
    12.6K 378 18

    BASED ON THE AMERICAN SITCOM F.R.I.E.N.D.S - We haven't heard from the 6 friends and their family's since 2004 .. What's life like for them now ??? Read on to find out what their lives are like now...

  • Love always find a way
    2.4K 54 8

    This is a story on Ross and Rachel Ross has caught Rachel in a room with another man cheating although that's what he thinks but that's not the only problem In this story

  • FRIENDS Til The End
    11.8K 351 19

    A fanfiction I made about the best television series ever. Not that I want to ruin the perfect series that Friends was and still is, just wanting to share with you some thoughts I've had after the show ended... The 'What If's' on my mind. Hope you like it! :)

  • Left alone
    477 22 4

    Jen Aniston is driving through the streets of New York, when she finds a young child on the side of the road all by herself. But does Jen have the heart to stop for the child or will she continue on and forget about the girl just like everyone else?

  • 🌸Justifer🌸
    415 16 7

    This is a fanfiction about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. I hope you like it!❤

  • Jennifer
    640 17 2

  • Click
    4.9K 119 8

    The story of growing up as the daughter of the most wonderful woman on earth.

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The One After The 10 Year Break
    539 19 2

    Did you ever want to know what happened after the final episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.? Well now you can! (On-Going)

  • The Future Of Us
    51.1K 881 95

    What will the future hold for Brad and Jen? It's 2004, they have a beautiful daughter, Caitlyn, and a great marriage built by their strong love for each other. Disclaimer: I obviously don't own Brad Pitt, or Jennifer Aniston and this is just a fun twist on what their lives could have been!

  • Baby Steps
    976 40 8

    {please read Jen Aniston's Daughter first} Brad and Jen have just met for the first time and are trying so see if they can become the next famous Hollywood couple. But are they ready for the challenges and accomplishments that are ahead?

  • The life of Victoria Aniston
    11.3K 352 40

    What's it like being the daughter of two famous actors? Victoria (Tori) Pitt has grown up with her mom, Jennifer and her husband, Justin since her parents got divorced when she was 2. Justin has been the father figure in her life since her real dad, Brad Pitt has not been very present.

  • The Secret Life Of Winnie May Theroux
    871 23 3

    The story about how Winnie May Theroux is shown to the world

  • Half of my heart
    8.2K 105 22

    Jennifer and Brad have been dating since the time her show, Friends started. It's now 2000, they're recently married and happy as can be. Disclaimer: I do not own Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston, there will be made up characters.

  • Jen Aniston's daughter
    28.9K 707 55

    Do you ever wonder what it's like be the daughter of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt? Well that's me. I'm Nicole. My life started off fine until my dad left my mom for Angelina Jolie. I know right. But anyways, this book is basically my life. And you will find that being the daughter of two celebrities, isn't always e...

  • My real mother
    2.7K 107 7

    Hey, I'm Avery! I'm 16-years-old and I had a pretty normal life, before I discovered I was adopted and who my real mother was!

  • Jaychel Trash
    95 5 1

    Joey and Rachel alternative universe. A world where it worked out between these two love birds. The sexual chemistry between these two is stronger than ever.

  • Justifer Feels - Jen and Justin
    4K 81 12

    My first ever fanfic about Justifer aka Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux

  • The Pain Of Happiness
    703 16 3

    this is my first fanfiction so sorry if its a bit rubbish☆ This is a justifer fanfiction♡ It is all about how Jen wants a baby, so her and justin end up trying and after a 2 weeksthey still arent having any luck until one drunk night, But it turns out pregnancy is alot harder for Jen then she thought x

  • Loving you is forever.
    10.1K 134 15

    He knew from the moment they were declared husband and wife, that loving her would be forever.

  • What if
    3K 77 9

  • You and I
    1.8K 61 5

    Jen and Justin are finally together, but will they be able to avoid the obstacles in their way in order to stay togehter?

  • Come Closer sequel?
    1.4K 31 3

  • The Complicated World of Me
    8.3K 102 21

    Notice: None of this actually happened. This is a piece of fiction concerning Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. Enjoy!