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  • just some gay oneshots.
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    just random oneshots that i wrote while on hiatus for the past few months. c: all characters belong to me/my friends. most of these oneshots have a story behind them, i'm just too lazy to explain. the stories are either pg13 or R, because not everything that i write is sexsesxsexsexssex. so, not everything will be R...

  • Puppy Luv
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    Gay romance novel: Max is a puppy, well dog now. Although his owner will always think of him as his puppy; his best friend. The only one he can go to when he needs to talk to somebody. One day Adrian leaves to hang out with his friends, accidentally leaving the back gate open. Out of curiosity, Max tries to follow h...

  • Jonah Clarke Is Not Gay
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    WATTPAD FEATURED STORY Daniel Evans is trying not to let his crush on Jonah Clarke get in the way of their new found friendship, because Jonah Clarke is definitely not gay. Placed third in the Valentine's Day Contest hosted by @taygetsthegay