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  • Grethan Smut ❤
    6.1K 84 1

    Just a one shot. Some kinky shit with a cute ending 💖💖 (warning: obviously twincest and boyxboy lmao)

    Completed   Mature
  • Grethan BoyxBoy One Shots {ON HOLD}
    60K 1.2K 91

    SMUT AF!!!!!!!! Grayson bottom, always. Ethan tops, always. Ethan pounding into Grayson, ALWAYS.

  • Reunited // twincest
    35.9K 2K 21

    Ethan and Grayson are twins who last saw each other at the age of 16. They're now 25 and have gotten a life of their own in New York: Ethan works for TIME magazine, and Grayson for Starbucks. A Monday morning when Ethan picks up his daily coffee at Starbucks, Grayson is the one assisting him. What happens when the two...

  • Fenrir :: grethan
    30.8K 1.4K 15

    Grayson likes a beautiful stranger a tad bit too much, feels a tugging attraction to him too often, but he doesn't even know why.

  • Change Me || Grethan
    11.5K 536 10

    "And I can't just change you, you have to fall for me" "W-well I'm not gonna now" "You have no choice"

  • Dark Angel || Grethan
    11.3K 612 10

    "I've got it now" "You've got what?" "My angel"