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  • You're Not My Father, But You Are My Daddy (GOTG Peter Quill & Yondu Udonta)
    327 19 2

    I recently watched Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, and I LOVED it! So this is a short story tribute to Peter and his Daddy Yondu. NON-SPOILER. Disclaimer: I do not own Guardians Of The Galaxy or Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, all characters and material belong to Marvel Studios.

  • Daddy Issues
    2.8K 118 7

    Takes place approximately two years before Peter Quill's abduction. Yondu has been tracking down the children of Ego for a while now and this one... just might break him.

  • Wonder after Yondu
    70 3 3

    Based on what Kraglin's life after Yondu sacrifice himself

  • Girly
    19.7K 875 21

    You're found by Yondu's crew and taken in because he believes you can be of use to him. Maybe in more ways than one.

  • The Pirate & His Princess [ GOTG Fanfic/ Yondu Udonta Love story]
    9.6K 469 5

    Abigail Quill is the younger sister of Meredith Quill and the aunt of Peter Quill. On July 9, 1988, she lost her best friend and older sister by cancer. Her big sister placed Peter under Abigail's custody and told her that Peter's father is going to take him when he's at the right age. Abigail never liked Peter's fath...