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  • You're Not My Father, But You Are My Daddy (GOTG Peter Quill & Yondu Udonta)
    678 28 2

    I recently watched Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, and I LOVED it! So this is a short story tribute to Peter and his Daddy Yondu. NON-SPOILER. Disclaimer: I do not own Guardians Of The Galaxy or Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, all characters and material belong to Marvel Studios.

  • Daddy Issues
    4.8K 196 7

    Takes place approximately two years before Peter Quill's abduction. Yondu has been tracking down the children of Ego for a while now and this one... just might break him.

  • Wonder after Yondu
    103 3 3

    Based on what Kraglin's life after Yondu sacrifice himself

  • Girly
    32.2K 1.3K 21

    You're found by Yondu's crew and taken in because he believes you can be of use to him. Maybe in more ways than one.