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  • Danny Phantom/Fenton X reader
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    Danny pluse you'r oc

    Completed   Mature
  • Danny Phantom X Reader
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    I just needed to say that this was my childhood! The best animated show of my childhood. I hope you enjoy. Comment Vote And enjoy!

  • Another kind Of Halfa(a danny Phantom X Reader Story)
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    Hey guys I hope you're going to like this danny phantom x reader story.I wanted to make this personal for everybody,but if you can't think of a nickname or just want to do it with the original idea of the character you're short nickname can be mia and the longer nickname miana,why? Lets just say it's a little secret(i...

  • Danny Phantom XReader
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    You have two halves of you. Human and ghost. Who would've thought that you had two different personalities as well!

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    ❝D-Danny, wait! ❞ He goes inside the portal and is about to press a button. Before he can, though, I jump in and hold onto him. It seems like he didn't see me, so he pressed the 'on' button anyways, but didn't mean to. Once It was pressed, though, I blacked out. >< None of the characters belong to me. They all belon...

  • Danny phantom X reader
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    The tittle gives it all away a new girl moves too Casper high and immediately falls head over heels for a very adorable ghost boy

  • Are You Ready? A New Ghost Kid Danny Phantom X Reader
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    Sorry if there's any errors in the story TEAM DANNY FOR THE WIN FANGIRLS UNITE Oh yeah I'm not telling ya the story chu gotta read it for ya self (・ิω・ิ)