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  • The Wanted Bird
    10.7K 1.1K 38

    She's been a single bird since training. She was at the top of her gun training class. She was able to stay alive as a loner bird since she was seven. Even though older teams usually took her out for missions she always felt alone. The only team that kept tabs on her was the Toma team. They trained her. They know h...

  • high hopes | emmett cullen
    250K 6.6K 32

    she had high hopes she would have a great ending to her life, but moving in with her dad and falling in love with a boy she shouldn't have, proved otherwise [formerly known as Frozen Heartbeats] cover credit @cadetcarswell

  • Repairing The Hurt
    12.2K 1.1K 32

    Sang Sorenson has everything going for her. She's been accepted into the Academy, she's working off her debts, and her plan with the guys is still going strong. But what happens when she helps them on a job that proves to be more than they anticipated? What happens when she's separated from them for a year in order to...

  • Queen of the Dragons
    464K 26K 42

    👑#2 in Queen series 👑 (UNEDITED) "Estelle, I will kill any man who stands in my way of having you. I will kill one to one thousand men!" I snarled, anger getting the best of me as her frightened eyes widened. Tears now slipping down her perfect cheeks. How could she not understand that? I would do anything to ensur...

  • Friends with the King of the Underworld | Book 1
    1M 67.3K 50

    ●2018 Watty's Longlist● Emylin is a human. Her best friend, Damien, is not. He's the mysterious, handsome King of the Underworld. A social outcast, shunned by her peers, Emmy never felt like she belonged. She'd lose her mind if it wasn't for Damien. Damien is the ruthless, other-worldly ruler of the Dark Faerie Kingd...

  • The Queen's Restraint
    1.2M 55.9K 66

    Rank #2 9/4/17 An abomination, that was Lilly. A girl who was born in a good family from the most powerful pack. Who could have thought that this girl would be wolf-less? Abandoned and shunned away by her family, maltreated by the pack members, Lilly had no choice but to live her life in constant struggle. However...

  • Primal
    3.3M 172K 58

    COMPLETED - To Evelyn Schubert the thought of having a predetermined soulmate seemed a bit far-fetched. Lucky for her, this was an old practice amongst her kind thousands of years ago and is outdated for a modern-day Lycanthrope. Unlucky for her, her mate is not a modern-day Lycanthrope as she is. When she meets Ada...

  • Taming Klaus
    268K 6.6K 29

    "The sad truth about love is when it's destructive." Klaus, being his usual hybrid self, suddenly encounters a teenage girl named Lisa Mourad. She is mysteriously immune to vampire compulsion and is completely unaware of it. There is something unique about Lisa that will change the fate of everyone around her- especi...

  • Finding What Is Lost
    41.1K 3.4K 49

    Sang Sorenson meets the blackbourne boys and falls in love but after they leave Ashly Waters high school everything changes there love grows but Valto have other plans he wants to get Sang away from them one way or another. And one late night and a storm later Volto drives a sick sang and poor Luke off the road right...

  • Dixon's sister / The Walking Dead Fanfiction
    144K 4.3K 34

    Chloe grew up in a horrible place, an abusing mother and a father who left. but Chloe didn't know that she has two brothers who grew up with that father, who was also abusing. All three sharing the same mom and dad but living in different places. Then the apocalypse broke out. What are the chances of her meeting her f...

  • Follow Your Arrow |Daryl ° Dixon|
    106K 3.7K 52

    Keri is on her own, for the second time since the beginning of the end. She's finally starting to learn that you have to be hard to survive in a world where the dead eat the living. She's destined to find herself along the way, but what happens when she meets a post apocalyptic badass with a short vocabulary and an e...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sinful |Klaus Mikaelson||
    431K 13.3K 54

    One thing Audrey Gilbert was told when vampires started showing up in Mystic Falls was to stay away from them. Elena has made it perfectly clear that she doesn't want her younger sister to be involved with vampires in any way. Sometimes temptations over rule morality, and you find yourself giving into the sin.

  • Knox's Girl (Carmichael Series #1)✔️
    14.4M 360K 42

    "Get the f*ck out of my house!" My dad shouted. "Gladly, but before I go I have just one thing to say. You've never been a good father. You've always treated Poppy and her mother like absolute sh*t." "You know nothing about being a father, you little punk!" "Yeah, well your innocent little girl calls me daddy...

  • Alpha Jax
    7.4M 256K 52

    •Highest Ranking #2 in werewolf 3/10/18• "Don't you dare," he growled, pinning both of her wrists above her head. "Every whimper, every moan, every gasp of pleasure that escapes you are mine. You wouldn't want to withhold what is mine from me would you, Ástin mín?" ~~~~~~ She has no memory of her life or where she cam...

  • That Redneck (Daryl Dixon love story from The walking dead/TWD)
    4.7M 123K 128

    One infection causes the society to crumble like a cookie. No military, no economy, no leaders, nothing. No one is coming to save you, no one is there to help. Everyday is a struggle for Mariah Beckon, her adopted brother and sister not making it any easier. When the trio cross paths with a group from Atlanta, she m...

  • Tutoring the Bad Boy (Completed)
    1M 32.8K 35

    Tutoring the Bad Boy. ~~ He smirked. "Whoops! Look who has read 50 Shades of Grey. Trust me getting kinky is almost every guys dream. I knew you had hidden desires! All the shy ones do." I blushed a little. "No! I don't have any hidden desires." The image of me and Bryan on a bed, with no clothes and handcuffs and tie...

  • Light | TWD | Daryl Dixon Fanfiction
    94.6K 3.2K 61

    || and still, none of them have felt like home; none of them have felt like you. || //slow burn //daryl x oc

  • The Story of Sarelle (Twilight fan fiction)
    506K 11.5K 58

    Sarelle is an ordinary 9 year old girl in 1910. However, one night she becomes an involuntary time traveller. She can't decide where she goes or when she leaves. How will her encounters with the Cullens effect their lives? ***I do NOT own this story. It is my best friend's story and I got it off Her us...

  • Room Service
    38.5K 3.7K 19

    When Sang has a close encounter with one of the guys, a few of the others decide Owen would be the best choice for her first time. Will their plot succeed, or will it tear the team apart? Characters are all based on C.L. Stone's Ghost Bird series. The story is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is made.

  • Alpha's Rejected Mortal | ✔
    370K 12.1K 45

    One Rule... "Watch out for the moves being played in the darkness, the poison of mystery kills and only one way of survival, run." Sydney... A pure soul yet fascinating mortal, full of life and made up of rebellious attitude. No one dared to stand up against her except for one sudden and unexpected accident which chan...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Slave For Royalty
    4.9M 172K 35

    Stolen in broad daylight, Darcy Rose, just eighteen is forced into the highest rated auction house available. Worth ninety thousand, she is shipped off and delivered to her highest bidder, a man whose beauty is truly indescribable to Darcy. Falling at the feet of two vampires, both so utterly fascinated with her human...

  • Running Into Mr. Billionaire | ✔️
    39.3M 1.1M 44

    Running Into Mr. Billionaire Rose. A 23-year old, beautiful, shy and sweet girl with a messed up past that follows her where ever she goes. Her mother died when she was only 16, leaving her under her new abusive stepfather's care. Rose used to believe in love, but after her crazy ex and abusive father came into her l...

  • How She Works in Reverse...a ghostbird fanfiction...
    125K 10.1K 55

    What happens if it's Sang's job to save the beloved boys of C.L. Stone's Academy Series? Scratch the storyline and prepare to see insight into where the boys would be if the didn't have the academy. Well, if the didn't have it until a mysterious blond ends up with nine guys wrapped around her little finger. She only...

  • Godric
    27.1K 801 11

    (ON HOLD) Godric Saves Sophie. Godric has watched her a for a while. Sophie falls in love with Godric, but is unsure about his intentions. *I do not own any of the True Blood Characters*

  • The Hybrid
    395K 15.2K 39

    Veronica liner. That's her name. However she goes by Roni. She's on the run, has been since she was 7. Her parents were killed, murdered, mauled to death. Her parents love was illegal, so is Roni. Since she is the daughter of them and a hybrid. But follow Roni on her journey of love, realization, struggle and much mor...

  • The bad boy is after me
    74.2K 2.7K 23

    He pushed me against the wall and kept his both the hands on either side of mine keeping me caged. " Guess what princess you are going to say yes to me sooner or later" his hot breath on my neck. I didn't know what happened but I moaned. Crapppp.... what have I done. His face instantly snapped and he had his...

  • Details
    56.4K 4.1K 15

    A broken girl with an eye for detail is forced into a job as a maid at the Morgan residence. Hoping to continue her quiet existence, Sang tries hard to keep her nose out of everyone’s business. Can she stay safe and unnoticed, or will a special family be able to drag her away from the side-lines and persuade her to...

  • The Newest Addition (a Cl Stone Academy Fanfic)
    23.7K 1.7K 18

    This is a light hearted academy fan fiction that will contain the ghost bird boys but not sang. On his way home from work, Dr. Green finds an adorable 6 year old girl covered in grime, starving and cowering behind some dumpsters. There wasn't a single drop of doubt in his mind when he brought her home half an hour la...

  • Beauty and The Nine Beasts
    37.4K 3.2K 14

    What happens when you take your favorite GB characters and combine them with the tale as old as time? Sang Sorenson doesn't believe that anything good will happen too make the way things are in her life change. After years of pain and suffering, how could she ever believe they would? Her abusive stepmother and sister...

  • Midnight Flock
    42.3K 4.6K 27

    This is a fanfic based on CL Stone's Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle series. There is mature content. Sang and the boys are two years past the Ashley Waters job and her joining the Academy. Life has been running smoothly since then. Too bad Owen, Sean, and Sang discover that the rest of the guys planned and carri...

    Completed   Mature