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  • broken ; bts
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    [ p a r t . t w o ] the girl they dreamed of was actually the girl who they cared for and who left them in pain and questions... + continuation for "sorry"

  • cotton candy ; jjk
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    "I remember one thing about you." He smiled as he weakly took her hand in his. "You loved cotton candies so much, you wanted to eat the clouds too." . . . When she thought things couldn't get any better than they are now, until she's moved the curtain to reveal her next patient in line. Status: ONGOING Started: 17081...

  • Bangtan Boys x Reader (One Shots)
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    【UPDATED】 Bangtan? Bangtan. - Author-nim: (๑;◡;๑) IMAGINE~ OMG I CANT~ IMAGINE FINDING YOUR BIAS TO LIKE YOU????!!!!!! OMGGGGG!!!!!!!!

  • sorry ; bts
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    [ p a r t . o n e ] a girl who travels to the other world called "winter" and bumps into seven men who are from "winter" + inspired by the Spring Day MV :) Status: COMPLETED ©usagichann2017