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  • Mafiatale: Unlawful Love Sans x Reader
    35.3K 1.1K 11

    You were a girl who had been threw many hardships. You had lost your family at a young age and watched then die in front of you. For most of your life you were alone. Many gangs wanted you on their team for your cunningness and strength, though you had other plans... That is until a smart talking skeleton came along. ...

  • Dancetale: Our Dance Sans x Frisk
    15.8K 701 7

    His love had been taken from him, by the mysterious man. He can't help but fell like it was his fault he hadn't saved her. Now he was going to do whatever it takes to get her back. Hey guys! This is the sequel to The Dance of Monsters, if you haven't read that you probably wont understand what's going on. I hope you e...

  • Dancetale - The Dance of Monsters (Sans x Frisk)
    101K 3.9K 23

    Frisk is just some regular ol' girl who loves to dance more specifically ballet but will she change her style a bit when she meets a certain skeleton? Will unexpected love bloom? Hey guys winds here! I'm excited to bring to you my dancetale tale story, I do not own the cover nor any of the characters. And if you don'...

  • UF!Papyrus X Reader
    159K 5.3K 40

    After your parents were brutally murdered, you escape up Mt. Ebott, a place where people disappear and never come back..........

    Completed   Mature
  • Angel (Mafiatale Sans x Reader)
    78.1K 2.8K 17

    (Y/N) is a local jazz singer at Later's Nightclub. While singing she meets some monsters, and it all turns crazy.