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  • Forbidden Bonds
    136 1 8

    "Mommy, why can't we love demons?" "Because they are dangerous dear" ~~~~~~~~ Rin Yukimura is a 17 year old girl with a bad past. She was 2 when her father died and her brother ran off a day before her birthday. She decides to leave and she turned out to be in the middle of a forest. She gets in...

  • Attack on Titan Armin Arlert X Reader Fanfiction
    12.4K 308 14

    Luna and Armin have a crush on each other. What could go wrong?

  • Attack On Titan Armin One-Shots
    6.6K 98 13

    This here is one shots with Armin X someone. I like requests but I will be writing a lot on my own. This will be mostly fluff, with some lemon. Sorry.

  • A Drop Of Ink - Ink Sans X Abused Reader -
    8.1K 195 28

    Yep. Read title and this is a slow burn You will not meet ink immidently or date him at first sight

  • Aot x reader: one shots
    705K 18.3K 113

    Reader x aot character. I do not own attack on titan, or the characters, but I do own these reader x aot one shots, and this account, nothing else. #822 in fanfiction what 0: