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  • BTS Texts And Snaps
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    Snaps and text scenarios for the kpop band BTS Requests are open!

  • Adopted By Exo (Ambw)
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    Hi guys this is my first story I hope you like it

  • Adopted By Exo
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    Sup guys! Just wanted to say that I don't own this book! This book belongs to Itsjulianamariano So why don't you guys check her books out? And don't forget to follow her! That will be appreciated! BYEE

  • Rika-Chan Appas Are EXO!?!
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    What happens when Rika Park is suddenly sold to EXO!?! Read more to find out!

  • EXO's Baby
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  • MY BROTHER IS EXO???!!!!! (editing)
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    Yuki is a girl whose dad died leading her to her brother that she does'nt know of??????

  • Hello EXO!?!? || (EXO fanfiction) (hiatus)
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    Have you ever been curious what it feels like to live with the famous kpop boy group EXO? Well Hye-Mi has gotten the offer to and now she will experience the life of living with 12 boys, how do you think it will be? A amazing offer or a horrible one?

  • Secret (Exo Adoption Ambw)
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    Sabrina was abused by her parents when she was two years old her parents were arrested and she was sent to a orphanage in Seoul as a lesson of responsibility each member of Exo have to agree on a child to adopt when they see Sabrina they know she is the child to adopt but what she does not know is that the popular Kpo...

  • Adopted by Bts(fanfic)
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    The story is about a girl who lives in the orphanage since she was an infant . She got adopted several times but not too long because they always return her to the orphanage Book cover made by: kookie-01997 Thanks for making my book coverw💗💗

  • Adopted by BTS
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    What would you do if you saw an abused girl getting kicked out of her house - by her own dad - in the winter? Would you run away? Help her? Call the police? Send her to orphanage? Read this book to find out what seven young boys would do about it. ~Angst, comedy, fluff and little romance~ Highest ranking: #532 IN FA...

  • [JIMIN] Hidden Tears
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    "I'm so sorry." "I loved her..." "It's you." "She's so adorable." "She's gone..." "They're both gone." "Look after her." "My everything..." "Leave me alone." "I hate you." COMPLETED Started >> 01.01.18 Completed >> 07.04.18 ©exotaec • 2018

  • He is the Father of my Son [COMPLETED]
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    "Jeongshin." I said pausing "Great name ma'am, and the last name?" "Jeongshin Jeon." - Sandee "Jeon?" The nurse questioned. "Yeah, Jeon Jeongshin." _____________________ "I don't care about what your friend Sandee did. What about let's make a DNA test?". -Jungkook

  • Got7's Girl (GOT7 MARK FANFIC)
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    Katsumi Kim perceives her dream to become a Kpop idol, but along the way she suffers through rejection, pressure, crazy fans, hectic schedules and love...

  • I'm sorry [BTS EXO] Y/N ff
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    Y/n: Who are you?! Do I know you?! ???: You didn't remember me don't you forgot about me after all these time... y/n: I'm sorry but do we know each other? ???:Yes we were .... ( who will you pick to be with you!) Her/Him is your true love ❤️

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    Like how we see them, j-hope as the sunshine, taehyung as a weird alien but is actually very hot, jungkook the golden maknae, rapmon or destruction monster, jimin the smol jamless kid, and jin the mother of us all. I take requests •3•

  • bts texts ;;
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    [bts texts] "hey" seen. "stop leaving me on seen" seen. "i love you." replying... [suga_to_my_coffee] special thanks ;; 6 / 9 / 17 {1# in fanfiction}

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    BTS texting you. BTS texting each other. ―――― [WARNING: I overuse some bangtan clichés, don't kill me] ―――― [HIGHEST RANKING 2/8/2018 - #83 in fanfiction]

  • BTS Text
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    "1 2 Bang! Hello We are BTS!" "It's your fault for stealing my heart." Started: June 6 ,2017 Ended: BTS Text Disclaimer: I don't own BTS [ Request Open ] [ Slow Update ] © 2017 Eunlien #727 In Fanfiction 10/13/17 #976 in Fanfiction 11/21/17 #508 in Fanfiction 11/23/17 #910 IN FANFICTION 11/24/17 #785 in Fanfictio...

  • BTS Texts
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    "Hi" "Bye" 2017

  • The Hatred Between Us ~ + you.
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    (Jimin FF) Why'd you hurt me? Why'd you play me? Why did you leave me like this? You said you loved me. But, now as I think of it.. you lied to me.. YOU LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING.. You'll regret what you did, Park Jimin. - You really did hate him.. you hated him so much that, you wanted to kill him.. but there was one th...

  • Playing with love || Book 1 || Jimin Fanfiction || #Wattys2018
    47.3K 2K 42

    (Highest Rankings: #575 in Music, #90 in idol.) What happens when an innocent girl meets a playboy in disguise? Y/N is a young teenage girl who had never fallen in love with anybody, until the day the new guy, Park Jimin, entered her life.She fell in love with him, but turns out he was just playing with her heart. Pla...

  • The Nerd And Her Bully { BTS JUNGKOOK}
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    Jeong was the nerd of the school and her bully jungkook always bulllied her or told Jinhee the queenka to bullyher. But she was nerd only in the school not outside. will Jeong and Jungkook fall for each other, will they be able to express there feeling.. PLEASE DONT BE SLIENT A READER... AND PLZ VOTE #285 in Romance...

  • My Jerk Husband (Jimin X Reader)
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    one day there was a girl who is single and then her parents file an Arrange marriage and when they we're married she knew that her husband was a JERK.... [highest-ranking :#571 Fanfiction] [Highest Ranking-#515 JiminxReader]

  • Arranged Marriage with Park Jimin
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    Shin Hyorin was forced to have an arranged marriage with Park Jimin as their parents were in a business company which their parents wanted to work together so that they can keep their company to stay rich and successful. Will Hyorin accept the marriage or Jimin will divorce her after a few years?

  • what? | pjm -完結
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    "What?" "I dated you because of a dare, are you stupid? Why would I date pathetic girls?" "Ok." With that, that was the last conversation between Kim Eun-Mi and Park Jimin. ✔️ completed || © -taeaesthetic-

  • Do you remember me? 2
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    This is the sequel of 'Do you remember me?' © 2016, Min Li

  • Do you remember me?
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    "Do you remember me?" (Jungkook arranged marriage) © 2016, Min Li Highest ranking: #132 in fanfiction

  • I made a mistake| ✔
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    Jimin met Y/N over texting.. He made a mistake.. Tragedy strikes.. Find out what happens in this story!! Start: 22nd May 2017 Completed: 25th May 2017 Highest rank: 895th in FANFICTION

  • Lost Again | Bts Jimin x Reader
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    "Is it true? You're lying right?" "Y/n, I'm sorry...I..It was a mistake...what am I supposed to do in that situation? I-I still love you!!" "Stop it." "What?" "I SAID STOP IT!!! STOP LYING TO ME!!!! Tell me....tell me that you're lying...." "I'm sorry." "You said you loved me." "I still do!!!" "No. You loved her. Not...

  • Only You - Jimin x Reader ( ONE SHOT )
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    " Jimin , I'm pregnant . I see the picture now . I'll file for a divorce ." A story about how Park Jimin meeting (y/n) and having a life with (y/n) . They are living in a happy life but then a thing happened . ______________________________ This is based on my imagination 💜 This is my first ff and please give ur sup...