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  • My Beautiful Prisoner (Human!Ludwig Von Koopa X Princess!Reader)
    3.5K 49 13

    ((A/N; ART ISN'T MINE! Credit to original artist it's amazing!)) You are the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, alongside Peach, who is your sister. You aren't as well-known as your sister, but that's how you like it. You had made a name for yourself being an esteemed actress and dancer in the kingdom. One day, you are...

  • In love with my butlers daughter (Ciel x reader)
    87.3K 2.6K 48

    On a stormy night (Y/N) is in search of her father whom she never knew. She has been looking far and wide for this man but in stead finds a mansion in the middle of the woods belonging to Alois Trancy. He offers the young lady of the age 14 to stay until she completes her goal of finding her father but during a ball w...

  • My butlers little sister (Ceil x demon reader)
    2K 83 8

    You had finally found out where your your brother had ran off too. He was called to work for someone called Ceil Phantomhive. It made you angry not being able to see your big brother. You walked up to this Phantomhive's manor and banged on the massive oak doors. The door was opened by your big brother Sebastian, as he...

  • Family: Sequel To Memories (King X Reader) (ON HOLD)
    1K 30 4

    Sequel to Memories King x Reader

  • Memories
    45.8K 1.2K 27

    [COMPLETED] [UNDER MAJOR EDITING] My "kind" is something only a few humans may know about and may only live to see every great few years. I'm a familiar, meaning once a single kiss is laid on my lips then I am chained to that person. If I ever try to run away it can physically injure my soul and kill me immediately. U...

  • Finding Peace (Helbram X Reader)
    2K 62 1

    This is a one-short lemon about you and the fairy with a tragic life, Helbram. This takes place 700 years before the anime, but mostly 500 years before the anime.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Wolf Sin Of Kill (Editing. Discontinued?)
    58.6K 1.2K 25

    This is a story of an eighth sin from the seven deadly sins. This story is about a girl reuniting with Meliodas captain of the seven deadly sin. This girl is said to be very powerful but mysterious in many ways. In this story she will face opponents and hardships. Will she be able to take it?

  • Nanatsu No Taizai: Gozel
    23.6K 705 15

    Ever wonder why Meliodas doesn't use his FULL POWER? Well there's a pretty good explanation for that. We know that the elders have kept his powers hidden and only when Meliodas passes the test he could get them back. Yeah, well he did get them back. But did you ever wonder why he hardly uses his full power? Well what...

  • {{Nanatsu no Taizai}} Helbram x Reader {{Happy Birthday}}
    706 43 1

    It's Helbram's birthday Nanatsu no Taizai fans And I wanted to write a fic just for him because it's his bday I do not own NNT

  • {{Nanatsu no Taizai}} Fairy King Harlequin x Reader
    8.7K 168 5

    Hai This is a two chapter long fic The idea just popped in my mind so yeah Reminder: Remember the thing Hendriksen said? Fairies bodies never rot when they die You are dead in this story so it'll just be king So the story goes like: Then seven sins are going to the blackmarket Cus Merlin wanted to buy something there...

  • {{Nanatsu No Taizai}} Love Letter [Helbram x Reader]
    1.5K 49 2

    This is based from Nanatsu no Taizai Gakuen manga thing I do not own NNT

  • Wrath And Patience { Meliodas Love Story }
    6.4K 141 6

    When a cloaked figure appears at Boar Hat he gives The Group a Paper that will show the locations of The Seven Heavenly Virtues the first being the opposite of Wrath.

  • Helbram x Reader [Nanatsu no Taizai] {{Alone Together}} [ON HOLD]
    2.4K 81 4

    [ON HOLD] After Helbram's death, you were left depressed Wishing to see him again, you really didn't have to do anything He just randomly appeared You both spend some time even if he was just a ghost until a tragedy happens What will the tragedy be? Will it be Good? or Bad? [I'M BUSY WITH OTHER BOOKS, PLEASE UNDER...

  • Friends of Four (SDS Fan fiction) (Helbram's Sis/Bro/Sibling)
    654 22 16

    Harlequin, Elaine, Helbram, and (Y/N) were such a great group of friends. Two pairs of siblings, all great friends. They had all been friends for so many years. Until everything fell apart. Helbram and some other fairies were captured, Harlequin was believed to have betrayed the fairies, and Elaine was killed in the b...

  • My Cosplays!
    1.6K 98 21

    Weeeell, I cosplay a lot so I decided to make a book specifically for them! Here will be the cosplay outfits, the photo shoots, my props... everything! (My friend is King; the one wearing blue, and I'm Helbram, the green fairy)

  • Helbram X Reader- To Fill A Void
    3.2K 157 11

    So this is a story I originally put on da, and I decided to put it on watt pad as an actual series. Hope you like it! ;3

  • Afterlife (a Helbram x Reader) [ DISCONTINUED ]
    3.7K 236 15

    I haven't seen many of these stories so I made one. This is my first story I have written so it maybe crap but let me know if you see any errors or need to correct something. Enjoy!! I don't own any of the pictures or Helbram. Good day to you. (Im editing some of the past chapters to fit my writing style a bit, so bar...

  • Helbram x reader ( Birthday Love )
    2.7K 100 5

    I saw that there wasn't much of these so yeah. Pls read

  • Sinfully In Love [DISCONTINUED]
    32.1K 1.5K 17

    "The Seven Deadly Sins have one more member, she was offered to be apart of our little group." "Another member? But, wouldn't that mean you're the Eight Deadly Sins?" "Yeah, but the Seven Deadly Sins sounds cooler, so we kept the name." in which a water enchantress re-joins her friends again, only to be reunited with...

  • Her Again Ban x Reader
    59.4K 1.7K 54

    I just wanted to try this out! First story ever....... A girl part of the 7 deadly sins who has returned back to them. She doesn't remember them or any of them. Her old lover Ban is there. Will she ever get her memories back? Will she and Ban ever be together? Did I make it sound like a book thing? 1/13/18- YAY I hit...

  • {{Secrets}} Fairy King Harlequin x Reader
    63.3K 2.4K 13

    After another succesful mission completed by the Sins They decided to celebrate, so they prepared food and some ale for the night to celebrate Meliodas then wanted to get this celebration to become a gossiping time thing Meliodas then asked Gowther to read everybody's memories and tell not-really-that-secretive secret...

  • {{Nanatsu no Taizai}} King x Reader {Sacrifice}
    16.9K 539 5

    {Name} begs for King to stay alive until she makes a great sacrifice "Please..don't go.." I do not own NNT

  • {{Nanatsu no Taizai}} King x Reader
    5.5K 127 2

    I do not own NNT

  • The Last Angel (Meliodas x Reader)
    1.6K 59 5

    Eradicated... Erased... Destroyed... Forgotten... Lost... That's what happened to the Heavenly Angels. They were slayed for power because of the demons. You heard right. They were SLAYED by the DEMONS... What could have possibly happened to them? Can they rise up again? Can they get their revenge? Read to find out. ...

  • I promise you .. King / Harlequin x Reader
    5.2K 124 4

    In addition to the Seven Deadly Sins Envy, Wrath, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, and Pride, an eighth was considered an equal danger: Despond. This sin was an outlook of gloom and despair, chronic hopelessness. This sin was the Raven sin. You. Also apart from the six known clans: The Demons, Goddesses, Giants, Fairies...

  • One Time Love (King X Shy Reader)
    1.1K 20 3

    This is just a simple Xreader it's my first ever story and fanfic so plz don't be too harsh down in the comments i only have so much life left ( may or may not have a tiny bit of lemon )

    Completed   Mature
  • What is love? (Kingxreader) On Hold
    2.8K 77 10

    All in the title.

  • Treasure (Ban X Reader)
    20K 956 14

    Ban believes that he no longer has a reason to live... At least until he's met with a pair of (Eye Color) eyes. Perhaps it was the whims of a goddess or simply a twist of fate, but whatever it may be, he's willing to storm hell if only to keep you You were his to protect, his to care for, his to cherish, and his to ho...

  • F A M I L Y - Ban X Reader (SEQUEL TO P R I D E)
    7.8K 302 3

    ! SEQUEL TO P R I D E ! Ban and you now have a child of a sin's decent. Normal parenthood isn't easy, but it's even harder when your child is being targeted by demons.