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  • My girlfriend for a month (Gruvia Fanfic) ✔ [First place at FTWattyAwards]
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    (STORY CURRENTLY UNDER EDITING) You might see some grammatical errors and I'm fixing all of them. I'm sorry for having a bad grammar back then. #8 in Paranormal (6/15/17) #13 in Paranormal (6/12/17) #15 in Paranormal (6/11/17) #117 in Paranormal (060917) Gray Fullbuster asked Juvia Lockser to be his 'fake' girlfriend...

  • The Friend Zone
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    College is a confusing and exciting place. Between classes, sports, and an attempt at a social life outside of class, it's enough stress to make a perfectly sane person lose their mind. But when you're going to college with your best friend, everything seems a little easier. Except when your best friend is an enormous...

  • Friend Zone
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    Friend Zone is where I see all the hoes flirting with the love of my life. except he doesn't know that..... Im in love with Johnny Orlando but he's in love with Nadia Turner. My enemy! She embarrassed me in front of the whole school and ruined my life! She is also in love with him to which make me more madd! AGHHHHH...