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  • heartbreaker | brandon darrow | t@gged [on pause]
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    "It would be a privilege for you to break my heart."

  • Secrets ✧ T@gged; Brandon Darrow
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    Piper Keo wasn't an outcast but she wasn't popular, by all means, either. It was simple, some people either liked her or they didn't. She was the lowkey bitch after all. She lived her high school career normally, just living life going to parties and not trying too hard with her school work. But things changed when...

  • Labels » T@gged ✔
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    A T@gged FanFiction Everybody has secrets. Some are bearable, some... not so. I guess you could say Arabella Fischer's would be in the 'not so' section. But that doesn't mean they won't get out someway... and this way may include a stranger hidden behind a monkey mask. [***i do not own the television or any characters...