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  • The Damaged
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    "We were driving past the train tracks at the end of our town. That's when I saw him. I saw a man in 1800s attire. He had a top hat on with a nice dapper suit and he was tied down to the train tracks.The way he looked at me he was sad and broken. He didn't look alive. "Do you see that?" I asked Liam "See what?" he r...

  • Burn
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  • Quotes
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    Welcome To My Quote Book! ✌️Stay Inspired!✌️ Let's get to 3k!

  • Sanity
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    It'll started the night that it happened. The night that he died. Now we have to deal with a murder on the lose. Will she/he ever get justice. Somedays I'm perfectly sane other days I'm questioning my sanity.