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  • I Just Wanna See it Once More...(Voltron Earth AU)
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    Hi I always wanted an episode in Voltron where they all return to Earth and now that Matt is back I can add him into the story! This will be about the paladins going back to their families, there might be some Keith angst and Hunk angst maybe some shiro. I hope you enjoy!

  • Two Halves Of A Whole (Kylo Ren X Reader X General Hux) [ #Wattys2016 ]
    41.4K 1.2K 30

    (Y/N)'s 18th birthday brings her the new stage of life with new responsibilities. Unexplained visions, the power she didn't know about before and new acquaintances that overall change her life. She is a slave on a planet, brought to the palace since she was around 2 years old; An extraordinary girl that easily attract...

  • Royal Negotiations [Kylo Ren x Reader]
    106K 4.1K 29

    BOOK II OF THE 'ROYAL' SERIES Set a year after the end of Royal Agreements, you are forced to juggle the challenges of being a leader in the First Order, and active soldier, and a Princess of your planet, Amaar. Most importantly, you have to try and be a good wife to your always agitated husband. As your problems grow...

  • Royal Agreements [Kylo Ren x Reader]
    222K 8.9K 28

    BOOK I OF THE 'ROYAL' SERIES Being the princess of the planet Amaar brought you several daunting tasks. It was your ancestors' decision to wholly trust and obey the ways of the Sith. With the rise of the First Order came a new era, and with it came new assignments - and new arrangements.

  • A Kevedd story
    22.1K 823 53

    just another kevedd story idk what kind of plot it will be but I hope its good to you.