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  • John Lennon
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    It all started with a limited edition John Lennon vinyl, and an odd, annoying boy wearing a leather jacket, and oh so lucky tickets bearing the same six numbers. [contains cursing - a shitload of it & sexual content] [NOT A JOHN LENNON FANFICTION]

  • Lost Days | John Lennon
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    In 1966, John and Charlie created a story she thought could never be rewritten - especially since she was so unwilling to pick up the pen, as it were. However, in 1973, after all those years he's, surprisingly, the one pushing it towards her. Will she take the offer to recreate a once tragic tale, or will the new chap...

  • How Do You Sleep? (A John Lennon Fanfic)
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    Julia Lennon, the child of Cynthia Powell and John Lennon. When her parents get divorced how much of an affect does it cause her to not have a father's guide in life? WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE!

  • 22 Letters [John Lennon]
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    [ 1965 ] John and Evie broke up 6 months ago. It's been 3 months since they last saw each other. And even longer since they stopped connecting. But John can't get over the breakup. He can't sleep. He just wants to talk to her to get some closure. He's written her letters. He's called many, many times. He's taken a tri...

  • Idols || John Lennon
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    In which John Lennon just wants one more date with her. In which she knew better than to meet her idols. [Social Media AU] [cover by @shamones]