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  • "The Living Armour"|Hardik Pandya[Completed]
    10.1K 1.1K 46

    As the title suggests,the armour in the story is alive unlike the metal ones..The armour who will protect Hardik..From whom?To know that as well as who is the armour and what will be her role in Hardik's life,you have to start the journey with me..The story has comedy,romance,Indian Cricket Team,thrill,Rebirth,wedding...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Two Shades Of Life
    2.7K 523 28

    One was peace. The other was war. One was friendly. The other was deadly. One wanted to give his country pride. The other wanted to destroy everything. One had people running for him. The other had people running from him. One wanted to live life to the fullest. The other wanted to make it a living hell. One was a Cri...

    Completed   Mature
  • "The Knight In Blue"|Hardik Pandya(Completed)
    14.6K 1.2K 45

    A fiction based on our favourite All-Rounder i.e Hardik Pandya..A story of love which knows no bound..A story of passion,possessiveness,urge of protecting and so on.. Hope you guys will like the story..♥️♥️

    Completed   Mature
  • Little Things | Hardik Pandya
    17.3K 1.3K 34

    Reva Thakur is a girl from Mumbai who is the newly hired psychologist of the Indian cricket team. Hardik Pandya is the star player of the Indian cricket team. What happens when they come across each other? Do sparks fly and butterflies flutter and fireworks explode or everything they've ever wished for starts goi...

  • ICT Imagines|Hardik Pandya|Manish Pandey|S.Gill|A.Sharma|J.Bumrah|Bhuvi|K.L
    6.7K 536 30

    One Shots on some of our favourite Cricketers.. Hardik Pandya,Manish Pandey,K.L.Rahul,Shubman Gill,Abhishek Sharma,Jasprit Bumrah,Bhuvaneshwar Kumar to be more precise..

  • His love life-A Hardik Pandya Fanfic [Completed]
    33.8K 3K 53

    Highest ranking:#198 In fanfic Highest ranking: #26 in Chicklit Highest rankig: #97 in short story He's a cricketer She is a normal rich girl People expext him to play well Her mom and dad expect her to live a normal happy life They both meet at a hotel accidentally And falling in love Read this to know more...... H...

  • Hardik Pandya Imagines
    3.5K 235 14

    This Book Would Contain Short And Sweet Imagines Of The Great Hardik Pandya....... Don't Think Too Much Get Into The Book

  • Nelipot | Hardik Pandya [Completed]
    18.8K 1K 41

    Highest Rank: #300 in Fanfiction Nelipot (noun.) a person who walks barefoot in which a person rediscovers himself OR in which a person finds love again HARDIK PANDYA/OC SPIN OFF OF THE AESTHETIC SERIES (ft. Virat Kohli) Book one of one in the Nelipot series Started on: 08/06/17 Completed on: 30/06/17 @ItsBarnali : "...

  • Hardik Pandya Imagines
    12.6K 602 26

    Do you find yourself awake at night? Thinking about a certain cheeky cricketer? The one with brown eyes, a lot of tattoos and a captivating smile ? Now, I didn't say anyone's name but I know he popped into your head 😏

  • Sarang | Hardik Pandya [Completed]
    9.1K 920 36

    Sarang (noun.) love; lit In which a girl writes letters to her best friend & vice versa. HARDIK PANDYA/OC I've always wanted to do this style of writing and Hardik Pandya is making this possible. Started On: 15th July, 2017 Completed On: 13th August, 2017 #701 in Fanfiction on 18/07/17 #597 in Fanfiction on 19/07/17

  • Instagram × H.Pandya
    2.8K 192 7

    title says it all

  • All for our Pandya
    4.2K 500 21

    This is for all those fans of our king!!!! HARDIK PANDYA. Our Indian team=The best♥♡♥ Do read it....... no compulsion. Make him popular as much as you can

  • New guy in MEN IN BLUE
    8.4K 866 22

    COVER BY @orangelovesgreen she makes awesome cover! 1st Fanfiction on Hardik Pandya Interviewer : So, Mr. Pandya, what do you think about love? Hardik : is like a fishing net, once you get into it you can't come out, only if luck favours you, you can escape from it. Interviewer : haha, have you ever been...