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  • FRICTION (The Rapture Series #1)
    13M 493K 57

    Eric could never in his wildest dreams have envisioned that one unfortunate encounter with Shawn's daughter, Meghan, at a party would somehow land him working for the hot-headed man's law firm. Then again, neither could have Shawn, who happens to loathe Eric (Aka, "the savage who tried to steal his precious daughter"...

  • He's the Brother of My Kuya's Bestfriend (Book 2 Of MKB) (Boyxboy)
    651K 21.5K 46

    Book 2 of My Kuya's Bestfriend [COMPLETED] Buong akala ni Trey crush lang ang nararamdaman niya para sa matalik na kaibigan na si Summer. Pero hindi niya namalayan nahuhulog na pala ang loob niya rito. Paano kaya niya haharapin ito kung ang bestfriend niya ay kapatid pala ng ex-boyfriend niya. *** Basahin niyo muna an...

  • Our Hearts as One
    1.7M 65.4K 42

    Glowing hearts are a rare occasion but not unheard of. After all it's not every day someone finds their soul mate. Johan Mull laughs at the idea of his heart glowing. What girl would want to spend forever with a nerd like him. Ted Baxter is the high school jock. Every girl wants to date him, and every guy wants to be...

  • The Tea Shop [mxm]
    1.3M 61.6K 28

    Elliot is, and has always been, stuck in his home town. Sure, it's a fairly large city. Sure, all his family and friends are there. Sure, he has a job he absolutely adores. But he still isn't happy. No matter how much he loves working in Auntie Mae's Tea shop, baking cakes day in and day out, he can't find it in himse...

  • Blossoming From Zero (boyxboy)
    6M 241K 59

    Harvey is a quiet, shy, and extremely talented sixteen year old boy. He never really enjoyed speaking much, he usually lost himself in thought. At his school he's either bullied or completely ignored by the students, the teachers don't help him at all either. Its as if everything is working against him. Though he bega...

  • Fire and Ice (First Book of the "Fire and Ice" Series)
    5.5M 125K 42

    NOTE: The story contains mature actions and issues. It tells about the love between two young men. The story is NOT edited, but I have begun with that, so please read the Author's Note CAREFULLY, thank you. How do fire and ice combine together? Meet Travis Henderson, sort of new student, blunt to extreme when he can't...

    Completed   Mature
  • Those Cold Eyes ✓
    2M 96.7K 33

    Leaving a troubled past behind, Dylan starts his first day at a new high school. He's soon wrapped up in his new life, meeting new friends and especially someone to take his mind off the things that happened. However, the past has a way of catching up, and how does he think he can get someone else out of their mise...

  • My Kuya's Bestfriend (Book 1) (Boyxboy)
    788K 23.1K 43

    [COMPLETED] Sobra ang pagkainis ni Trey sa bestfriend ng kapatid niya na si Smoke Ash dahil sa pambubully nito sa kanya noon. But all of a sudden, nagbago ang pakikitungo ng binata sa kanya sa hindi malaman na kadahilanan at inaamin niya na nagustuhan niya iyon pero pinapairal pa rin niya ang galit dito. Hanggang sa h...

  • He Changed Me (BoyxBoy)
    926K 30.4K 29

    Travis Ortega finally asked the boy he's been crushing on for a year on a date. On that date, they shared tales about each other. Their likes, dislikes and corny jokes. They also shared their Mint Mocha and Mocha Cookie Crumble with each other. They shared something else, something passionate that only two people who...

  • Unbreak My Heart (18+, ManxMan)
    3M 106K 37

    ********************SPOILER ALERT********************** DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ BREAKING FINN, IT WILL RUIN THE ENDING!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a sequel to Breaking Finn. It's pretty much essential that you read that first. Everything that...

  • Avoiding The CEO
    12.8M 471K 42

    Zander Storm is the CEO of Storm Enterprises. His company deals with a bunch of different things from casinos to malls, planes to boats and mergers to takeovers. He's made himself a billionaire at the young age of twenty-seven. Everyone wants a piece of the man even though he's never shown an interest in anyone trying...

  • Roommates (BoyxBoy)
    8M 307K 38

    Owen Kelley expected a lot to happen during his freshman year of college. New friends, crazy parties, and insane amounts of homework were all on the list. Falling in love with his roommate, Hunter Cole, however, was not.

    Completed   Mature
  • Baked Love
    8.6M 384K 42

    Chip Honeycutt has a girly name. That's not the problem; his real problem is hiding the fact that his family owns a bakery. And that he loves to bake. What will happen when a new guy comes along and finds out his secret? Will he tell everyone? Or will he keep it? © 2015 by theCuppedCake. All rights reserved.