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  • Jasper's Deaf Mate (1)
    100K 2.1K 14

    Serena is Bella Swan's deaf 16 year old little sister, who dislikes nothing more than hearing people. What would happen when she meets Jasper Hale, the only hearing boy that gave Serena his time and energy? Would Serena accept the fact that he can hear, or would she continue pushing him away like she does to everyone...

  • The forgotten twin (vk fanfic)
    132K 4.4K 27

    What happens when yuki kuran has an identical twin. Many beleived this was just a myth, for they have never seen the young girl. Yuriko is a beautiful girl the same age as yuki, but these two were seperated when young, yuki, always loved by her parents and kaname. Yuriko, despised by her parents just wants to be notic...

  • NOT SO SIMPLE | Natsu X Reader
    331K 9.1K 34

    (Y/n) is a Moon Dragon Slayer. She is one of the most powerful mages in the Fiore. Rumours say, she is more powerful than Zeref. Although no one knew who she was, or what her name was. . One day (Y/n) decided to travel to Magnolia. Although she always hid her identity from others. One day she falls into a certain pin...

  • Revenge
    16.5K 340 25

    After lisanna came back from the 'dead' everyone ignored lucy and called her weak and wanted her dead exept wendy,levy,mira,cana,laxus one day they beat her to death what will she do? Co-writer:@ChloeWoodrell

  • Open up to you (Lalu)
    30.4K 650 4

    Lucy is in love with Laxus but she's afraid of him rejecting her. Laxus is in love with Lucy but he's afraid that stain of his past will never give him a chance on being with her. They are pared up for a mission and for the first time Laxus opens up to her and finally can relax around her. Lucy notice de that and make...

  • ErLu, A Erza x Lucy One-Shot Fic (Lemon Warning 18+)
    16.3K 105 1

    Hello Minna, Here is a ErLu One-Shot fanfic for you all... this is a lemon fic so please do not report if you don't like it. This was written for @TiggyTime as she prefers ErLu over NaLu. I hope you all enjoy...Thank you very much. Love you all -x- Credit for Characters and Setting go to Hiro Mashima... Credit for mai...

  • Fairy Tail Yuri Lemons
    343K 2.2K 27

    (Mature Content)(Slow Updates) Yuri Lemons, as the title suggests. All my favorite female Fairy Tail characters will be in the lemons. as much Yuri ships as I can think of. LucyxJuvia, LucyxErza, ErzaxJuvia, ErzaxLevy, JuviaxLevy, JuviaxMira, and a lot more. Please don't report this, I will put up Mature Content warn...

  • Lucy of Sabertooth (Sticy)
    142K 4.5K 20

    Name Lucy Dragonia Lucy is the Princess of all magic, her mother is Layla Dreyar, her father is Zeref Dragonia, and her grandfather is Acnolgia, At the age of 3 she started to learn magic spells, at the age of 10 she master all the magics and lost magics, Her mother gave her all keys and fuse all and turn into a beau...

  • I Will Never Let You Go (A Starco Fanfic)
    31.6K 857 22

    "Marco?" "Yes?" "What will you do if I go?" "Are you crazy? I'll never let you go." "Promise?" "Promise." The time has come for Star to leave Earth. But what will happen to it? What will happen to her? What will happen to the people she will leave? Afterall, she was only training there, right?

  • Gone ( Nalu fanfic)
    43.5K 1K 8

    Natsu picked Lisanna over Lucy and said some things he regretted to Lucy. There will be decisions that will be hard to make. Will Lucy forgive him or never speak to him again? Will Natsu forget all about Lucy or will Lucy move on? No more updates.... (have drafts but never finalized)

  • Their Regret, Her Vengance (Lucy Heartfilia Fanfiction)
    133K 3.7K 24

    The guild makes a terrible mistake that causes their beloved Celestial Mage to leave. After a long time she returns, but she isn't the same as before. Will she forgive them or keep a grudge for as long as she lives? Disclaimer: Fairy Tail belongs to their rightful owner.

  • They Shy Girl (Nalu Fan Fiction)
    71.1K 1.7K 15

    Lucy heartfilia a shy blond girl meet natsu dragneel. Will he bring lucy to talk

  • She's My Princess {Nalu Fanfic}
    214K 8.6K 30

    Yet another Nalu story by yours truly! I hope you enjoy it! Lucy Heartfilia had a normal life, for a Princess. Everything in the kingdom of Magnolia was calm and peaceful. But one day, the Fire Nation attacked! Just kidding! Actually, a dragon attempted to destroy the castle but failed. The dragon was injured and cra...