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  • Diamonds, Loose (Ryden)
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    Author: Alison ( ALL CREDITS GO TO THIS WONDERFUL AUTHOR! Visit their live journal for more wonderful stories. Word count: ~85k Rating: NC-17 Summary: Ryan thinks he's got everything planned. That is, until Brendon turns up at his high school, and shows him how unstable he really is. It's...

  • fanboy ; ryden (DISCONTINUED)
    47.3K 2.7K 25

    DISCONTINUED ON THE 7TH OF MARCH, 2019 @ryanross: I'm having a contest! do a cover of one of my songs and you get my private kik! let's see who wins! @ryanross: it lasts until now (04-15) to 05-15! Brendon had one month to do a cover and get his kik. this was the shorter boy's chance to meet his idol who saved his...

    Completed   Mature
  • dick pic | ryden [✔️]
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    "thanks for the dick-pic"

  • lyric | ryden
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    "You still gave him my last name..." Ryan cut through the silence with a frightened tone, forcing the words out and trying not to let tears known as he faced Brendon. "Regrettably." Brendon scoffed."I really wished I hadn't because it's simply a reminder of how it's there. That it successfully managed to stay. Whereas...

  • The Boy By The Shore (Ryden Short Story)
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    A short story I wrote inspired by a book called The Black Rose Season. If you've read the book you will understand the plot with the stars. Most of it is my work, but the part where the boy is watching the stars is inspired by the book. It's a ryden story, but wether its in Brendon or Ryan's view is your call.