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  • Till the End of the Line: Our Beginning | Stucky Fanfic
    164K 4.9K 25

    A love story set in a world of war When two men shouldn't be on a dancefloor Yet they were stuck like glue forevermore The asthmatic Steve and his protector Bucky Oh how they were so lucky 'Til the end of the line, they swore. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Set in the canon MCU timeline, this is my take on...

  • Devotion
    127K 6K 28

    DE•VO•TION- (noun) passionate and selfless affection and dedication to a person I, James Buchanan Barnes, am without a doubt devoted to Steven Grant Rogers. That's how it is now and that's how it was then. For as long as I can remember, Steve has been my everything. Since the day we met... (Pre-War Stucky Story)

  • The Winter's Servant {Stucky AU} COMPLETED
    143K 6.6K 29

    Steven has been Prince James's servant most of his life, ever since his mother got sick and he had to take her place serving in the royal palace. He's been in love with Prince James ever since. But what if... The prince loved him back?

  • Opposites Attract
    119K 4.9K 22

    A poor kid had no business living next to a rich kid with a spoiled family. Bucky wasn't thrilled about the idea, but he certainly wasn't expecting to fall in love with said rich kid. He wasn't expecting Steve Rogers to enter his life. (Cover by @Legit_Fandom_Trash) #1 stucky Nov 2018 #1 buckybarnesxsteverogers Mar 2...

  • the wish||stucky
    150K 7.4K 53

    Intoxicated & lonely Chris Evans makes a wish on a shooting star to become Steve Rogers. When he wakes up the next morning in the Mcu universe, he has to deal with the consequences of that careless wish. Completed December 2019. |highest rankings| #1 stucky #1 evanstan

  • A Place to Fall (skinny!Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes Modern College AU)
    176K 8.2K 60

    "Gesturing towards his roommate, Sam introduced the pair, 'This is Steve. Steve, this is Bucky.' Bucky neighborly extended his hand out to Steve while telling the petite blond, 'Nice to meet you.' Steve eagerly took Bucky's hand and nodded. That was all he could do. Steve's mouth felt entirely too dry in that moment a...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Here | ✓
    165K 6.6K 65

    It's post CA:CW. The Avengers have split, a mysterious organization is hunting down Bucky Barnes, and Team Cap is struggling with their loss of the fight. Instead of going to Wakanda, Bucky decides to stay with Steve for protection. Although everyone is struggling with how to move forward, Steve and Bucky are trying t...

  • Alone Together
    72.7K 2.7K 15

    (after the movie Civil War) Steve and Bucky must flee together, the Winter Soldiers' enemies wanting to take Bucky down. They grow closer than ever and Steve helps Bucky slowly get his memories back, but they have never told each other their biggest secret: their fellings for each other.

    Completed   Mature
  • fugue // stucky
    248K 12K 28

    set after ca:tws fugue /fyo͞oɡ/ a state or period of loss of awareness of one's identity.

  • Not Without You {Steve/Bucky Fic} COMPLETED
    383K 18.6K 23

    Bucky has feelings for Steve. And that's to say the least. He's hopelessly in love with his best friend. And his best friend is hopelessly in love with Sharon Carter. Bucky tries to live a normal life. Well, as normal as he can get, for being best friend's with Captain America and previously being an assassin hi...

  • Talking to the moon [Tsukkiyama]
    680 54 1

    The moon is lonely without its star... Disclaimer: I do not own the song nor the characters Song: Talking to the moon by Bruno Mars

  • Hold Me Closer (Kiribaku / Bakushima)
    2.4K 52 37

    Kirishima has grown feelings for his best friend, Katsuki Bakugo. The bakusquad thought it would be a good idea to get them all together for a sleepover. Mina has pocky, what does she do with that pocky? Gets her ships to sail, of course! There will be OCs in this so if you don't like that kind of thing, keep lookin f...

    Completed   Mature
  • Something About Him (Kiribaku)
    111K 5.8K 34

    Bakugo Katsuki is a cold-hearted, and vain student from Tokyo. His life is going nowhere until he meets Kirishima Eijiro, a kind, cheerful man that wanted nothing but to be somebody. Kirishima takes an instant disliking to Bakugo and the angry, selfish way he acts. However, when a student from class 1B tries to bully...

    Completed   Mature
  • | Explosive Love |
    138K 5.5K 17

    Bakugou has always been alone. His so-called "friends" have always admired him solely because of his powerful quirk, but none of them cared enough to stay close. Even Deku kept his distance. Then he came into his life. The only person who truly wanted to befriend him. The boy who never went away, no matter how abrasiv...

  • Someday (Drarry Fanfic)
    29K 1K 42

    After reaching his 4th year a young and troubled Draco Malfoy decided to confess his feelings for his long time enemy Harry Potter but ended up being rejected and thus starting a huge drama on his life... Draco closed his eyes and wished that whoever in this world that was thinking the same thoughts as him would be hi...

  • Call Me By My Name (A Drarry Fanfic)
    306K 9.7K 34

    Take a ride on the drarry side and watch Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy get increasingly closer. Though it sounds all good Ginny seems to be acting odd. . . Warning there are some sensitive parts in this read at your own risk . . drarry UwU

  • Once Upon a Quidditch Match
    100K 3.4K 37

    Harry Potter is sick, but cannot risk skipping a Quidditch game that turned out to be almost fatal.... Until someone saves him..

  • Obliviated Love
    62.4K 2.2K 29

    What could possibly be any worse than having a clingy ex girlfriend who won't let you go easily? Well, Harry's wrong then. He really was having a bad day. What happens when his sworn enemy, Draco Malfoy, has to work with him together in Potion for the rest of the his eight year? Quiet surprising to see that none of th...

  • White Lies // Drarry
    1.1M 48.5K 31

    Author: Cassis Luna In which, Draco drinks a potion that allows him to see through lies. Harry, evidently blamed, must help him through the effects of the potion. For the first time, they see one another in a different light. DISCLAIMER: I do not own the plot nor the characters. This fan fiction is created by Cassis...

  • The king and his queen (a drarry story)
    884K 30.4K 40

    Muggle au Draco p.o.v. Story (sorry for any changes during the story) Edit time: this story was edited from 03. 31. 2020 and to ??? (Story still under editing) There were five ranks: rank 1; the royals - rank 2;the royal army and servants - rank 3; the ordinary - rank 4; the 'a little poor, but manage to survive' - a...

  • All Mine (Drarry)
    313K 9.6K 20

    It's the 8th year of Hogwarts, Harry has PTSD and is isolating from everyone. The few people that came back all share a common room and they have to share dorms. Harry has been acting quite weird and Draco is trying to figure out what's wrong. Draco is the only one who can calm Harry down from a panic attack or nightm...

  • Impossible ↠Drarry
    2.2M 96K 48

    Have you ever thought for one second, that I've felt something towards you, other than hate, Potter? There's a fine line between love and hate. But I wouldn't necessarily call it love. Maybe lust. Anyway, it's impossible. You hate me. We're enemies. It's merely impossible. •• Trigger warning: mentions of self-harm, ea...

  • Learning to Trust ~ Drarry
    97K 3.7K 26

    Harry Potter has noticed that Draco Malfoy is acting strange. Little did he know that Draco has been keeping a secret to himself that could change Harry's life.

  • Apology in the Train(DRARRY)
    116K 4.3K 21

    The Golden Trio all went back to Hogwarts to continue their education and so is Draco Malfoy. All the 8th years are sharing common room, and it so happened that Harry is sharing a dorm with Draco. How would it be, staying in the same room as your enemy? Or are they really are enemy after all they'd gone through? -sorr...

  • Little Secrets (Drarry)
    335K 11.6K 20

    Enemies, Friends, Lovers Harry never knew those three words could be synonymous, but his sixth year at Hogwarts has challenged everything he has come to know. Draco Malfoy , who Harry had loathed for five years, is now progressively preoccupying his every thought. Harry doesn't know why his mind keeps creeping into t...

  • The Forbidden Romance
    168K 5.1K 20

    COMPLETED STORY Highest Ranks: #231 under drarry #11 under harryanddraco #429 under dracomalfoy #984 under harrypotter Harry was not prepared for his eighth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But he was even less prepared when he started to fall in love with someone he least expected, not to mention...

  • Zodiac Heaven and Hell
    142K 3.6K 38

    Everybody knows Heaven and Hell don't mix and they never will Hell is a strict place filled with rules and harsh discipline. Heaven is more care free but they hold the power to push back evil. They are in a constant state of war with each other and neither side is giving up. Having lost thousands of soldiers there is...

  • Becoming Spider-Man // Son of Stark 1
    167K 6.7K 30

    Peter shook his head, "I believe they were radioactive." Steve and Tony have lived together since they first met back in 2012... since the start of the Avengers. Around the same time they adopted a son: Peter, who is their pride and joy. They never wanted him to get into the mess of bad guys, aliens, and war - but wha...

  • broken // Irondad fanfic
    143K 6.4K 40

    When a tragic event occurs in Peter's life, Tony tries to help, becoming more and more attached to the kid as more and more things happen. Peter is broken and Tony's trying to fix him...not realizing that he's slowly getting cut by the shattered pieces. This story is completed! TRIGGER WARNING: please read chapter ti...

    Completed   Mature
  • Irondad: Redeemed
    45.4K 1.3K 20

    Peter Parker was just a simple boy. A simple boy who was bitten by a radioactive spider. A simple boy who swings around in red and blue spandex. A simple boy who was 'casually' took under the wing by Tony Stark. A simple boy who went to space. A simple boy who didn't come back. Pretty simple right? This is a remake of...