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  • The Shameful Past of Mistress Т.
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    Book One: The Soul Swappers Talia an Kamian, feline aristocrat and a telepath moves her residence to Enhiarg's darkest and most blood chilling city, Lennes, in hopes of fending for her own bread, butter, and mice. Accompanied by her bewitched friend and mentor Enaor, a sizeable black panther, who wears and an anti-m...

  • The Cat Who Knew How to Cry
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    The English translation of the Wattpad Featured & Wattys 2015 Winner story. ... And the moment you allow that tiny evil enter your heart, the moment you act in a manner unbefitting your race, the moment you start complaining about life - they will see you. And a woman beast with glowing eyes and sharp fangs will...

  • Guide to Enhiarg
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    So, you've opened the book, The Cat Who Knew How to Cry, and found yourself in Enhiarg. You quickly found your bearings, figured out what's what, and now feel like a kid in a candy store. Sound about right? Excellent! Then I'm happy to tell you that I've got another treat for you, a delectable one that still packs qui...