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  • WANTED: A Hot Wife
    131K 2.2K 4

    Xander had it all; money, good-looks, power and an endless supply of women to last him a lifetime. But what if his father gave him an ultimatum, one that would end his playboy lifestyle. He needed to find a wife in the next four months. If he failed, he would lose everything. He needed to find a wife... and fast.

  • I Love That I Hate You- The Wanted
    8.9K 108 6

    What happens when you throw a famous boy band and a girl band together? Chaos? Peace? Friendship? Love even? When the girl band, otherwise known as The Faithful Forgotten, are talked into doing a joint tour with The Wanted they’re not really sure what to expect. Especially when one of the girls hates their fellow tou...

  • Love and Hate ~A Seth and Embry Imprint Story~
    53.3K 877 22

    Twin Imprints? No way. Maya dreads moving to La Push, Washington. She hates the idea of leaving her friends and only home she ever had. After arriving in La Push she meets a guy named Seth, who somehow manages to rock her world. But just because she's his imprint doesn't mean she won't have to fight heart break. Mia...

  • Forever and Always ~Seth And Embry Imprint~
    31.7K 763 23

    **Sequel to Love and Hate!!** Maya and Mia are back. This time, heart broken and longing for their wolves. Maya is stuck in her own situation with no help from Seth, seeing as they can't have a ten minutes conversation without arguing. Mia doesn't want to confront Embry. After saying what she did, she doesn't even wa...

  • I Found You- A Nathan Sykes FanFiction
    60.1K 296 31

    Elizabeth Aldridge has just graduated high school. Liz is thrilled that school is finally over and she's looking forward to spending the summer with her closest friends. At the beginning of the summer, Liz's mum reveals that she has to go away on a business trip, leaving Liz to stay with her best friend Mrs. Sykes. Li...

  • Biebers Back-Up Dancer (Nathan Sykes Love Story)
    13.4K 108 6

    Micah is Justin Biebers Back-Up Dancer. She has recently been cheated on by her boyfriend of 3 years,she ends up singing a cover of The Wanted's 'Warzone' during Justins concert . Little did she know was The Wanted was in the audiencee watching. What Happens when Nathan starts to fall for Micah? Does Micah want a rel...

  • One More Night - A Nathan Sykes Fanfic
    90.7K 1K 21

    When Marley and Ian Whitlock pass away in a car crash, they leave their one-year-old daughter, Avery, to their best friends, Nathan and Colette; who are also enemies to the fullest. Will they be able to put all fighting aside for Avery, or will their anger get the better of them? Will romance bloom between the two?

  • Oh sure! Blame the new kid. (Seth Clearwater imprint story)
    3.8K 97 4

    Danni and her older brother, Justin, are going to visit their Aunt Ashley in La Push for summer vacation, while their parents are going to Tahoe. Danni meets Seth one day and he imprints on her. Of course she doesn't know that.....yet.

  • Aubrey Potter -Marauder's Era Story-
    207K 6K 41

    What if James Potter had a sister? A twin sister who was his complete opposite, but also his best friend. James' sister is of course a wizard. Her name is Aubrey Potter. Aubrey is a smart girl. She can figure out things faster then normal wizards. Of course, her brother, the amazing Potter, is always known before Aubr...

  • Lily and James Potter
    514K 8.4K 39

    This is the story of the mysteriously interesting Lily and James Potter. The further you get in the story you get to glimpse how, as I pictured, Harry Potter's parents and friends spend their last year at Hogwarts. All characters except my original ones go to J.K. Rowling.

  • Are You Sirius? (A Marauders Fan Fiction)
    97.7K 2.3K 26

    *If you care about spelling, grammar, continuation and plot, read the re-edit on my profile, rather than this version* Sirius, James, Remus and Peter are The Marauders. This is their last year in Hogwarts and they are determined to make it the best year along with best friends, Lily and Tasmin. But with a school full...

  • The Girl with the Heart Scar (A Fred Weasley Love Story)
    495K 7K 36

    Aria Stevens's life got turned upside down when the Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange killed her parents. Now, she's living with the Weasleys and trying to cope with the death. She starts dating Draco Malfoy and her nightmares start going away. But after a game of tag, she starts falling for Fred Weasley and isn't sure...

  • If Sex Was A Sport, He'd Be The Best Player
    4M 46.3K 23

    How do two completely different people end up falling for one another when they have absolutely nothing in common. Skye is a humble girl and Crispin is an arrogant man-whore. They sure were right when they say opposites attract.

  • Project Popularity
    33.8M 481K 30

    Luke Archer and Summer Merrick have always been the It-Couple at Roseville High. When Luke breaks up with Summer at the beginning of senior year, Summer reveals that she has been cheating on Luke with Paul Walden, Luke’s best friend. Angry and betrayed, Luke decides to get revenge, and he enlists the help of Jamie Van...

  • The Arrangement
    5M 141K 68

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? What happens when you wake up in Vegas married? Well, you try to figure out what the hell happened then go from there. For Mikaela Nero, there is no going back. Her newly acquired husband makes her an offer she has no choice but to accept. What motives will she find al...

  • Left Behind (A Fred & George fanfic)
    60.1K 2K 28

    What if Fred Weasley's mischief wasn't quite managed yet?

  • Chasing the Werewolf's Sister (Sirius Black Love Story)
    36.5K 1.1K 12

    It's Sabella Lupin's 5th year at Hogwarts School of Withcraft and Wizardry and all is well in her little bubble of existence. She has great friends, great marks, and an amazing boyfriend. All that changes on one tragic night in the Forbidden Forest when she is thrust upon one of the hottest boys in the school, not to...

  • My Marauder (Sirius Black)
    11K 372 11

    What happens when the great Sirius Black meets his match? Taylor Depp is a whole different level of trouble. And her being the adoptive sister of his worst enemy doesn't help either. Will he ever beable to handle her brains, skills, and beauty. Find out through their years together in Hogwarts.

  • Hogwarts, Giant Squids and Sirius Black
    182K 6.8K 47

    Abigail Elston is a normal sixteen year old, except for the fact that she goes to Hogwarts and is despised by Sirius Black. Her plan for sixth year is to study and pass her N.E.W.T.S next year, befriend the giant squid and avoid Sirius Black. However Sirius's plan is to have fun, bully Snape, get James and Lily togeth...

  • Nathan Sykes fanfic- Weakness (On Hold)
    32.9K 222 17

    Alex johnson is from LA and from a pretty big family with 2 brothers and a sister all older, alex is the baby of her family which means her brothers and sister are very protective and a mum that still thinks alex is a little girl. After alex and her best mate holly get asked to be dancers for the wanted in their upcom...

  • My Heart Takes Over (A Short Nathan Sykes Fanfic)
    23.4K 254 8

    Alex and Nathan have been best friends all their lives. They can't live without each other, but have to due to Nathan's work commitments. What happens when one of them declares their love for the other?

  • Love Isn't Easy: A Fred Weasley Story
    82.9K 1.1K 31

    This is my first wattpad fanfic so I hope you enjoy it! I've been working on it in my head for a while now and, having recently purchased the newest Harry Potter DVD, find myself inspired to actually begin writing this. NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED!!! I only own Maddie and Sophie and most of the plot! Everything you rec...

  • The Dragon Tamer - A Charlie Weasley Love Story
    5.2K 139 2

    "For as long as I can remember I've always had a secret thing for the second oldest Weasley child, Charlie. And now, finally, I can get him to notice me... I'm the Dragon Tamer." Abagail Porter has always loved dragons --- and the red-haired guy who trains them: Charlie Weasley. Luckily, she has a talent that puts her...

  • A Fiery Love: A Charlie Weasley Love Story
    369K 7.8K 42

    Studying dragons has always been a dream of Isabella "Izzy" Jennings, but when she falls for Charlie Weasley, the Dragon Trainer, things seems to be getting strange. J.K. Rowling owns Harry Potter and all it's magical features!

  • A Marauder's Love Story
    18.5K 432 9

    This is a Sirius Black love story that takes place in his 6th year at Hogwarts. This isn't about a girl who Sirius has been friends with since he started school, or a new girl at Hogwarts, or a girl he's secretly had a crush on for years. This is about a girl who Sirius doesn't like at all and surely never thought wou...

  • You Can't Handle Me (A Sirius Black Love Story)
    910K 28.7K 58

    Waverly Trinket. The only American witch to go to a school for magic in Briten. She keeps every one at a distance, accept her little brother West. She doen't take any crap from anyone, and refuses to cave, on anything. And when she goes to the UK, she meets an over-confident, sarcastic, cocky, snide rich boy {Who may...

  • Confessions of a Teenage Stripper
    1.6M 28.2K 40

    Meet Abigail: a senior in her small hometown's only school, West High. With her large glasses, make-up free face and hand-me-down clothes, it's no wonder Abigail is often overlooked by the 'popular' crowd...or any crowd for that matter. She is currently in the running for valedictorian with her 4.5 GPA, perfect SAT sc...

  • Trying To Survive The Marauders
    244K 8K 33

    This is an old story please keep in mind that my writing style has changed over the years. Cover made by @TheMastersDaughter -Sirius Black/ Marauders (Harry Potter) Fan Fiction : Faith has always thought of Sirius Black and his friends as arrogant bullies, but what if she suddenly starts feeling more for him..? Rated...

  • Forever Mine *A Fred Weasley Love Story* Book One
    1M 20.8K 71

    When Persephone (Seph) Tate transfers from Beauxbatons to Hogwarts, she meets her match in pranking when she meets Fred and George Weasley. Seph catches the eyes of none other than Fred himself. Can their relationship last through their years at Hogwarts... And beyond? Also once Seph starts catching the eye of a new b...

  • Lily Evan & James Potter: The Untold Story
    2K 46 1

    Having always been fascinated by the lives of Harry Potter's parents, Lily & James, I decided to write their story in my own way...the story begins at the beginning of their seventh year at Hogwarts when their lives tokk a new turn...tune in to explore how these people found love in the midst of a raging war... ;)