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  • Silent and Dark (#MyHandmaidsTale)
    241 30 1

    The room is silent, but only to me.

  • Spero
    267 40 1

    Once, my mother read to me every night before bed. Once, my father quizzed me on spelling words. Once, I studied how to read and write in a school where boys and girls learned and grew together. They say I am to forget all that now. But I won't.

  • Female Gaze
    197 21 1

    What do the women of Gilead see? A short story inspired by Margaret Atwood's THE HANDMAID'S TALE.

  • Skirt
    633 88 1

    Under the totalitarian hand of the Controllers, the world is binary in every sense, down to the sanctioned clothing we wear. Non-conformity is punished, even if the gender of your soul does not belong to the gender of your flesh. **Top 10 Winner of #MyHandmaidstale selected by Margaret Atwood and Hulu** Inspired by M...

  • The News
    96 15 1

    "I don't really pay attention to politics," I said. But then, politics started paying attention to me.

  • And Then They Came...
    237 29 1

    This is a unique take on the #MyHandmaidsTale contest. Enjoy.

  • The Flood
    219 21 1

    One of the Top Ten winners in the #MyHandmaidsTale challenge. We never saw it coming. We should have seen it coming.

  • Zoey, Willow, Clover Honey
    524 55 1

    WINNING ENTRY TO @Hulu and @MargaretAtwood 's #MyHandmaidsTale CONTEST! In an era of amnesia... I remember. Thank you for reading!

  • An Unwoman's Tale
    191 17 1

    A short story inspired by Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale

  • The Laughing Jail
    165 35 1

    Laugh at a man, go to jail. How the women in this particular institution find the hope and humor to get through their situation. Inspired by Desiree Fairooz, written for the @Hulu #myhandmaidstale contest.