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  • Opposites Attract (DC The Don)
    8.9K 266 18

    She is a new girl, a mysterious girl. She doesn't talk much and no one really notices her. He's a popular guy, an open book as one might say. He has much more to him behind the popular basketball player.

  • My Melo
    23.8K 712 9

    Jenna Cuinn, a 15 years old girl from New York, that lives with her mother in Chino Hills, California. She transferred to Chino Hills High School and immediately became the stereotypical good kid with great grades. No one knows about her past around basketball and no one cares to know. She's just an awkward girl with...

  • Do you even ball? ~Lamelo Ball~
    145K 3.5K 64

    Freshman year. We've all been through it, the feeling like you are being watched and everyone knows you're nervous just by walking through the halls. Well, for Macy, this isn't a problem. She's as confident as can be going into freshman year with her friends. She doesn't care what anyone else thinks about her, or wh...

  • Lamelo Ball Baller
    32.3K 545 18

    Its about a girl 15 year old girl Rosa. Who is moving to Chino Hills, California. Who meets the Ball brothers cause they're her new neighbors. Will lamelo seems to be taking an interesting for Rosa and so is Rosa. Let's see what will happen between these two.

  • Made for This (LaMelo Ball)
    60.4K 1.6K 23

    When Bridgette receives the news that her family is making a transcontinental move, her world collapses. She has to leave behind her friends, her high school sports teams, and her childhood home. Little did she know her whole world was changing for the better when she moves across the street from the infamous Ball...

  • Just One Shot‖LaMelo Ball‖
    22.7K 771 11

    Being the new girl, Lauren just needed someone to show her the ropes, a boy came to her need. Little did she know that boy was LaMelo Ball.

  • LaMelo Ballin
    21.1K 351 12

    LaMelo and Leena ❤

  • Then and Now (Lamelo Ball Fanfic)
    61.9K 1.3K 27

    Joslyn and Lamelo used to be best friends in preschool-3rd grade. That was until he started to bully her. Joslyn moved to California in 3rd Grade because she got bullied even more. When she moved, she made more friends and she decided to create a YouTube channel. She was an overnight sensation. What will happen when h...

  • Backcourt *Lamelo Ball*
    194K 5.3K 58

    This is a LaMelo Ball love story! Melo and Cass start off friends but things obviously change. What happens when both Cass and Melo gets caught up in the fame and all of the hype that's surrounding their names for being super star basketball players? This book includes real people, and make up characters. He starts o...

  • Just Right •LaMelo Ball•
    271K 6.1K 59

    Moving To A New Place Is Difficult But Meeting New People Wasn't Difficult For Desire, Read Along!

  • ❤️ LaMelo Ball Love Story ❤️
    21.6K 427 12

    LaMelo and Y/N have been best friends since 7th grade but now they are in high school and both were dominating basketball In their school but what happens when they start developing feelings for each other?........... ©Emilyink💭

  • Found him
    16.5K 306 8

    Liangelo ball. Middle child out of the very well known ball brothers. He's gets the most hate and his considered the "forgotten child". Y/n a very good volleyball player but can also play some ball as her "hidden talent" she's new to chino hills and finds Liangelo. What happens next?¿ well idek keep reading to see.

  • A Thin Line Between Me And Him
    36.5K 813 39

    Starting her junior year at Chino Hills High, Rebecca Lewis finds herself liking LaMelo Ball, on of the most well played MVP on the Varsity basketball team along with his older brother Liangelo, While Lonzo is at UCLA. Will Rebecca Fall for LaMelo or will He do the same??? READ TO FIND OUT!

  • New to This | Lamelo Ball
    221K 5.5K 50

    •COMPLETED• Two young ballers trying to figure out how to deal with basketball,new fame and the hardest thing of