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  • fool ✧・゚ grahamscott
    10.9K 714 29

    "Only a fool would fall for you." -t.s

  • oblivion - nathan prescott
    14.6K 688 28

    "I wish you didn't hide behind this mask so people can see how fucking crazy you are," After the loss of her best friend, Rachel Amber, her father sends mentally unstable Elizabeth Martin to the Arcadia Bay Mental Institution, where she sits in a circle and talks about her feelings with strangers. But Nathan Prescott...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pricefield
    7.3K 105 4

    This story is about pricefield from Life Is Strange

  • GrahamScott Oneshots
    6.7K 290 7

    Just a bunch of oneshots for this beautiful couple. These two need more love, so I'm giving it to 'em!

    Completed   Mature
  • a pause in time
    42K 1K 15

    •in this book you'll see the point of view from Max and Chloe and a typical narration. •overall this is a heart warming yet really gay pricefield fan fiction :-) artcover cred goes to tumblr user "minukis"

  • life is strange theories
    9.3K 324 17

    life is strange 2 is coming soon and this book is reviving. ~ ranking ~ #2 in Life Is Strange #1 in Life Is Strange Theories

  • The Rebel And The Hippie
    64.4K 1.8K 31

    Max and Rachel were best friends, before Max left for Seattle. Max returns to Arcadia Bay when she doesn't hear from Rachel. Max and a blue haired stranger Team up to find Rachel. But is that the only thing they find along the way?

  • You're Not Crazy - LIS Nathan Prescott
    37.7K 1K 48

    "We're a fucked up pair aren't we?" "That's why it works. We can understand each other" Warning ⚠: This story contains spoilers for Life is Strange It also includes topics such as rape, self harm, drug use, alcohol, and other alarming events Reader's discretion is advised. Also: This story does NOT start off durin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Life is Strange - One Shots
    50.7K 1.1K 15

    here i'll be writing a selection of one shots based on the game life is strange ships included~ ✩ pricefield ✩ grahamfield ✩ caulscott ✩ chasescott ✩ chasefield

  • Drive-In's are Cheesy. [GrahamScott - LIS]
    3K 178 6

    Visiting Kate at the hospital had become a must-do thing. Especially after she texted Max, about seeing Nathan there. No one was sure what happened to him, but they had imagined him going to jail. But as Max said; Getting help at a psychiatric hospital sounded a lot better. Chloe, of course, didn't agree, while Warre...

  • The Butterfly Effect [Grahamscott AU]
    11.1K 335 16

    Basically... Warren Graham is the science Nerd of Blackwell and has a high hatred for the vortex club, expect for one member. Nathan Prescott. Nathan Prescott was a spoilt rich kid but has problems up in his head, he recorded Kate Marsh's video and was the one who drugged Chloe Price. But when our beloved Maxine dives...

  • GrahamScott // Its not easy.
    1.4K 48 2

    The Nerd and the Jock, it could never work out, no never. Not in 100 million years, that's just common knowledge, but little did the students at Blackwell Academy and Arcadia Bay know that was about to all change when Warren Graham called Nathan Prescott one morning, that call would change everything, Nathan had felt...

  • Life Is Strange | One-shots
    280K 5.1K 36

    The only way to make the world of Arcadia Bay and Blackwell Academy come closer is to read one-shots about it. Let me help you out! Here you go, a series of one-shots about all your favourite characters, varying from Max to Frank and even Victoria! You're welcome :)