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  • The Emerald Gem Awards 2020💎(CLOSED)
    6K 455 35

    𝓸𝓹𝓮𝓷 ( ) 𝓙𝓾𝓭𝓰𝓲𝓷𝓰 ( ) 𝓬𝓵𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓭 (💎 ) . An undiscovered writer . A book with little to no reads, comments to interact with and votes to lift you to cloud nine. The Emerald Gem Awards recognizes all your efforts and would love to help you to get to where you want to be.

  • Merlin and Arthur one shots (For fun not historically correct or long that's the point)
    311K 5.3K 100

    One shots on either Arthur or Merlin on different ideas and different things, commedy will be included and each chap will be on a different idea Fans of Merlin BBC TV show will love this ^_^.

  • Mysteries of a 'serving' boys past.
    145K 5.1K 14

    Guess what guys.. THIS IS ANOTHER PRINCE MERLIN AU. Merlin is a prince of a fallen kingdom that was overthrown by a traitor within its mists, having been sent to Camelot almost immediately after the fall, sent into hiding for his own protection. When word comes to Camelot that several Knights from a far off land wi...

  • To See You Smile - Merlin
    27.2K 767 7

    Merlin offers to sacrifice himself in the place of his King. After being wounded, the Knights and his King rally round to support their best friend, their brother.

  • Bleeding Out (merthur boyxboy)
    10.4K 435 6

    Sequel to "Please forgive me, Merlin". Do not read until you have read the previous book! "The arrow?" I ask numbly. "poisoned." Gaius confirms. "Shot by whom?" "That remains to be seen."

  • A Merthur Cinderella Story
    96.3K 3.8K 10

    In an AU LGBTQ+ accepting Camelot, anybody can love anybody. King Arthur throws a Ball to try and find a romantic companion among his kingdom to make his Queen or King Consort. His manservant Merlin is overrun with chores, but finds a way to attend, though he's too embarrassed to go as himself. In disguise he sets a f...

  • Twisted Memories(A Merlin Fanfic)
    61.6K 2.3K 6

    It's just an ordinary in Camelot…well as normal as things get around here. Arthur and Merlin are out on a hunting trip by themselves and all seems well…until they are ambushed by a group of Morgana's men. The duo are separated, Arthur just escaping, but Merlin being caught. They take him back to Morgana, where she pro...

  • A Time Traveler's Soldier
    42.2K 1.1K 19

    When Agent Carter volunteers for one of Howard Stark's experiments, she doesn't really expect it to work. She definitely didn't expect it to send her almost seventy years into to future. Into a world of bizarre technology, new allies, superpowered teens, old enemies, and not-so-lost loves. One thing's for certain. Peg...

  • Stealing the Weasleys
    893 58 7

    (Slow working but back up) Travis and Conner are the pranksters of the Hermes Cabin. Of Camp Half Blood really. Known for their pranks and stealing ways, they are always getting into mischief. When one of their pranks goes wrong, they find themselves in a whole different world. Fred and George can't seem to stay out...

  • Armor
    3M 121K 41

    Isabella, future queen of Gardia, unlike any lady of her time, is no damsel, but a fierce warrior. Though respected by men and shunned by women she fleetingly wonders what it would be like to fall in love. The Head Knight of Jaria, enemy nation of Gardia, Aiden has resented women for most of his life and relishes in t...

  • The Fire Within
    9.7K 345 28

    The Civil War is raging, tearing the north and south apart, dividing families and destroying the country. Grace is a southern woman who has had to face the injustice that her parents find to be acceptable. To them slavery and subjugation are the right of the southern plantation owners. When Grace is abused, watches he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Siren of the Desert (Now Published)
    4.9M 18.6K 11

    Formerly known as The Arabian Desert. Now published as hardcopy and ebook. Ebook on Tapas. He was a cold-hearted bandit with the power to imprison her... Maria disguises herself as a helper boy when Zain, the black-hearted, demonically handsome bandit attacks their prosperous town in th...

  • My Dark Knight
    15.6M 419K 59

    In the era where swords rule, where women consider their modesty their greatest virtue. Where a man would kill to find his wife warming another mans bed, a time when women would consider it the greatest of adultery or fornication to warm a bed other than her husbands. A time when an honorable man guards his gaze, for...

  • A Secret Service [NOW PUBLISHED]
    21.7M 1M 60

    Now available in paperback! "I LOVE IT!" - CarniaHolmes "I'm going to break your nose, because I don't like your face," Carter said. She pointed to Zac. "I'm going to dislocate your other shoulder, just to make them even." She cocked her head and gave the main guy a sickly sweet smile. "I'm going to break your...

  • The Aftermath: MPHFPC (editing)
    43.2K 1.4K 38

    After the perilous Battle of Peculiardom was won and the Wights were finally defeated, many peculiars thought it right of them to assume that the worst was behind them, Wights and Hollowgast were gone forevermore. Just as Miss Peregrine and the Peculiars finally get a glimpse of normal life, something goes badly wron...

  • Harry Potter and the Altered Destinies
    851K 35.5K 74

    Percy Jackson was nineteen, nearly twenty years old and was the boss of an aquarium of his own. Demigod life put behind him, he moved to the United Kingdom to start a new life. He didn't know was that one day he would meet an eight year old abused Harry Potter. Unaware that he once again messed with fates plans, Percy...

  • Big Dipper AU Prequel
    8.2K 171 10

    Go back to the very beginning, all set before my Big Dipper AU story. From the time Mabel is born to when Dipper goes to college see it all happen in this cute/fluffy story. IT'S SO FLUFFY! *Gravity Falls and it's Characters are owned by Alex Hirsch and Disney*

  • My Special Little Sister (A Big Dipper AU Story) [Part 1]
    15.5K 305 15

    12 year old Dipper and his 9 year old Autistic Little Sister Mabel are spending the summer with their Great Uncles Stan and Ford in the small town known as Gravity Falls, Oregon. Basically the same plot as the actual show but with some major differences, especially the fact that Mabel has a mild form of Autism. Doing...

  • And No One Gets Hurt (A Percy Jackson AU)
    145K 9K 27

    Annabeth wasn't looking for love. Percy wasn't looking for attention. Leo wasn't looking to stay. Piper wasn't looking for friends. Jason wasn't looking for a fight. Nico wasn't looking to be a hero. Thalia wasn't looking to be heartbroken. Frank wasn't looking to move on. Hazel wasn't looking to die, again. Now there...

  • The Hitman's Hoax (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    35.4K 2.3K 18

    For this recipe you will need a couple things: A fight. Followed by a punishment. And why not throw in a messed up prank? Add a murder while your at it too. For the next step you'll need to add a few screwed up relationships and emotions. That's followed by lies, and betrayal. And add darkness for good measure. With...

  • Locked In (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    76.2K 3.7K 14

    Percy Jackson Mortal AU What if twelve teens who don't really get along are forced to stay at school over night alone? What will happen when feelings and relationships are hurt? When secrets are revealed? When the power goes out? When someone dies? But who did it? When your Locked In there's no one in and no one out...

  • Make it Happen
    57.8K 2.3K 33

    Percy Jackson & friends are now on their last year of attending Semidio High. Along the way, they've been happy, sad, hurt, and everything in between. And now, it seems like the drama will never end. How will the students react when Piper McLean comes back to school dating the handsome nobody Jason Grace? What new sch...

  • Back In Past-Nico di Angelo's Story [PJO/HOO AU]
    35.1K 668 10

    *Sequel to Curse of Leo Valdez Everything was peaceful.Leo's curse was gone,no monsters attacked. It was to good to be truth. And Fates got bored. So they decided to sent Nico to past.Only way back into his time? He needs to let everyone,from past and present to watch his memories.

  • The Teen Spy
    74.5K 2.4K 20

    My name is Nikki Springs. My story, well that classified. From the outside I look like a normal any day teenager. But from the inside I have a deep dark secret that I can't tell. Because if I tell you have to be killed. I just wanted a normal life but everything changes that day.

  • Heretic of El Amarna
    81.3K 2.4K 54

    One way or another, Nefertiti will become Queen of Egypt, but she's torn between two brothers - one the heir, the other the youngest. If she gets the choice, who will she choose? And once she's Queen, what will she do with her influence? For better or worse, it's her fate to change the course of history. But how?

  • Falling Through Portals
    1.4M 65.8K 119

    Portals are one of the most interesting travel agents in the universe. They can get you anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. But for Percy Jackson, falling through a fandom portal was the last thing he needed. After being plucked from camp, Percy finds himself on the run through the universe without friends or a way hom...

  • Percy Jackson: Replaced{COMPLETED}
    462K 9.5K 31

    Two heroes, gone. But that isn't the only issue. Before they left, they had been broken. Hurt. Betrayed. Percy Jackson and Leo Valdez jump at the opportunity for a new life, and dive into the deep end almost immediately. But what happens when their new master makes them climb out again and go back to Earth??? Another...

  • A Prophecy of Two Boys
    1.5M 47.7K 66

    People who are born with two souls in their body are rare. But since when did Harry and Percy obey the rules? Follow them as they try to survive after their brother was mistaken for being the Boy-Who-Lived. AU. Wrong BWL