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  • Guardians 2: Finding
    3.3K 222 19

    After the Battle of Prodótis, our heroes, or guardians; Adam, Shelby, Nick, Cory, Jin, and Ross decide to go there seperate ways. Dued to Rex's unwillingness to let go of the King's escape, the Guardians split apart to find him and help calm Rex's mind, and serve justice. They are not only trying to find the King, but...

  • Guardians 1: Ashes
    27.1K 778 70

    This is a new and first book I am making for my own amusement if people start reading this well that is grand. This is a youtuber fanfic so I don't own the characters. Most are famous later there will be smaller youtuber channels. Anyways they all have great and wonderful channels that make me laugh so go ahead and ch...

    Completed   Mature