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  • A Family/Monster Musume Fanfiction/
    8K 135 5

    Ever spent the entire summer with your big brother and his seductive monster girls? No? Well then, you're about to as soon as you click "Read"!

  • In love with a Yandere
    14 2 1

    Some people think that having a yandere boyfriend or girlfriend is dangerous and just asking for yourself to get killed. But I have no worries about it. I find them kind of dreamy. Who wouldn't want a person who loves you dearly? I mean.. They are just misunderstood with a past of torture. They just want someone to lo...

  • A Transformation Gone Wrong - Fem Naruto Fanfic
    16.4K 236 7

    Naruto has mysteriously disappeared and is nowhere to be found, where could he be? Or should I say she. In this story you will follow the adventure of Naruto and see all the trouble she runs into after becoming a girl. ((cover art not mine and I don't own Naruto or any of the characters of course, and sorry for all sp...

  • Outcast- Original Story
    2.1K 88 21

    This is about me, this story is purely fictional but I do use my name and my friends names. This is a supernatural setting and character, me. It won't be entirely my emotions in real life although some will be real and other things about me. Like many others this will be a dark story of power, friends, life and death...