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  • When Girl Meets Boy (Travlyn)
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    He changed my life. I knew the moment I met him, that nothing would be the same. When I met him, time seemed to slow, almost to a stop. He smiled at me, and I got that feeling in my gut, and I knew. His silver locks, swaying with his step, his life-filled green eyes that were vibrant and hypnotising. He was the one. ...

  • The Imperfect Soulmate || Travlyn AU
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    "You really are imperfect for me, Travis Valkrum." On the year you turn 20, you are given a marking on your wrist. And the day that you get it on? August 18th. Your soulmate gets the same exact one, at the same exact time. Katelyn Firefist got her marking; but will never look at it. Never again. Not afte...

  • Travlyn-Forever Yours
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    "Welcome to Love~Love Paradise! A water park resort where your bound to have fun! Whether you stay for a week, or a couple weeks! This is a water park resort where, blah bla bla, bla bla bla bla bla, who cares," I slammed the small brochure on the table, sighing out of boredom, "we've already been here for 2 weeks, an...

  • Always Be By You (Travlyn) [✔️]
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    ▹▹▹COMPLETE◃◃◃ ❝Katelyn, you should've just said no.❞ ❝But I was going to...❞ Katelyn looks at her feet, ❝and I don't want to say no...❞ ❝Why not?❞ ❝Because I like you, okay?!❞ she growls. I take one step back, but I hold my gaze on Katelyn. ❝You do...?❞ ❝Yes. You are an annoying little dork who likes looking at butt...