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  • Hardly Worth Your Time (All Time Low Fan Fiction)
    5.8K 41 10

    Nora is running. She is trying to escape from her past. When she bumbps into the lead singer of a band named All Time Low, she takes it as a sign that she must stop running. Will Nora learn to trust the people around her and outrun the darkness? Or will her past catch up with her?

  • Scream to be heard {Sing Me To Sleep sequel}
    150K 2.8K 79

    This is the second sing me to sleep book. Alex's cousin has died so now her daughter Alex's niece, Chiara, is coming to live with them. She meets the rest of all time low and their families but the person that sticks out is Jack's adopted son Josh. Will something happen between them? Keep reading and find out.

  • Forget Your Scars We'll Forget Mine ~ All time low Fan-fiction ~
    350K 6.6K 36

    Effy gaskarth is Alex Gaskarth's sister who has gone through some hard times. Their best friend Jack Barakat has been there for Effy since the beginning of her downfall. This is the story of how their relationship grew stronger and stronger. Please comment and vote.

  • Break My Little Heart (All Time Low Fan-Fic)
    3.6K 21 11

    *CONTINUED ON THIS ACCOUNT, ORIGINALLY ON ALLIE2THESTARS* All Time Low Fanfic | Allyn Silver Jimyn (Allie) Was just a regular girl who worked at hot topic. Then She met Jack and Alex and Touring with the band and crew, and in love with one of the members who doesn't have a clue about it and somehow keeps breaking her...

  • All Time Low--Alex Gaskarth Love Story
    11K 58 5

    **NOT A TRUE STORY** Based off of the song Remembering Sunday by All Time Low.

  • We're The Back Pocket Believers (All Time Low Fan Fiction)
    498K 10.7K 35

    Hazel Reede was average. Actually, she was a little below that. She is fifteen when her family dies and leaves her broken hearted and completely alone. But it's when she's at her lowest point that she meets Alex Gaskarth, the lead singer of All Time Low. The band is taking part in a charity event where each member ado...

  • Another reason I could never forget you-ATL FANFIC
    800 16 6

    Sophie Barakat is a normal 18year old girl. . Her Brother is part of The band All Time Low and after one practice Sophie is aware that she has fallen for a member of the Band.she keept it a secret but then she just let it slip followed by a chain of exiting events. Follow sophie as she learns about the consequences o...

  • So Wrong, It's Right
    4.7K 67 12

    It's Jen and the guys in All Time Low's Senior year, and a lot seems to be going on! The All Time Low are starting to gain more and more fans and recognition, but Jen is starting to feel as if Alex is pushing her away and focusing less on them and more on the music, just like Jasey said. What will happen? Read on to f...

  • Without You I'll Be Miserable At Best [Alex Gaskarth]
    2K 17 2

    Hayley Gomez has quite the history, and the walls built up to show it. Alex Gaskarth is a fun-loving, sweet talking musician who finds Hayley to be the challenge he's been waiting for. Can he turn things around for her and teach her how to love, or will she stay certain she's miserable?

  • I Love Him, But I'm Off Limits (All Time Low fan fic <3)
    23.9K 168 18

    Skyelynne is the sister of none other than Alex Gaskarth of All TIme Low. She loves him to death, but she also loves his best friend, Jack. Does Jack love her back? If he does, will Alex even let them be together? And if they do get together will things work out for the best? Or will Skye be heartbroken again?

  • All Time Low
    16.1K 242 11

    I have two guys in my life and a reputation to up hold but working so hard to come as far as I have has it's consequences. Now I'm left with some of the hardest choices to make and all I can say that I've gained from this is three friends and the title of Kerrang! Legend.

  • Break Down These Walls
    771 7 1

    After a forceful move from California to Maryland, Lyric Rodale finds herself thrown into Harbor High School. At first, she fights off making friends at all means possible, but then Alex Gaskarth is introduced into the picture. He is sweet, funny and adventuresome; everything Lyric is afraid of. She is used to playing...

  • Guitar Lessons From Alex Gaskarth
    17.1K 154 6

    “Mom, I don’t want a high school tutor! What if he’s someone from school? That would be awkward, and what if I make a fool of myself? They’ll probably tell everybody in the whole school!” I argued. “Tegan, I can’t do anything now. It’s too late.” My mom said, like, it was nothing. “Mom, come on! I’d rather take an old...

  • Without A Doubt, You're All I Dream About
    140K 1.1K 76

    Coly and Alex were best friends for years, but when Alex's brother Daniel commits suicide and Alex and his family move away, what will happen to Coly? One year later and Coly finds herself thrown out of home and forced to move to Baltimore to live with her brother. Her first night there, she meets Jack and they instan...

  • Hopeless at Hopeless!
    8.4K 99 21

    After high school, most kids go off to college to pursue their dreams, but for Cady Jones, life is always moving fast in her job at Hopeless Records. As soon as high school was over, she packed her bags and headed 950 miles south from her home in Portland, OR to Van Nuys in California to work for the independant label...

  • Jack Barakat - Happy Endings
    4.9K 51 1

  • The New Bad Boy (Book Two in the Nicki and Alex series)
    522K 3.5K 36

    The New Bad Boy (Sequel to Can I Have This Dance) Nicki and Alex had a daughter called Mia and this is an entry into her 16 year old life. A new boy enters her school and he's a bad boy. They seem to hate each other but will it die down or will their hate for each other grow stronger?

  • Can I Have This Dance? (Book One in the Nicki and Alex series)
    379K 3K 22

    Can i Have This Dance? Nicki Alab, whom lives with her step dad, step-sister and brother plus her mum in Arizona is 18 years old. She's not the prettiest or most popular girl, she's just ordinary. Alex, the popular jerk, who's also dating her step-sister, Clair, has always gotten on her nerves, until Clair does someth...

  • What Did I Do to Deserve This? Alex Gaskarth One-Shot
    1.3K 17 1

    Mac Tuttle and Alex Gaskarth used to go out and they loved each other so much and were willing to do anything for each other. Until Alex goes on tour with All Time Low, starts dating Lisa Ruocco and forgets about Mac. Mac was heart broken when she found out and hasn't been the same since. Will seeing alex again make h...

  • Scream, To Be Heard (An All Time Low fanfiction)
    91.9K 1.3K 21

    I'm Heather Gaskarth, and yes, I'm related to the Alex Gaskarth. He's my brother. I was going on tour with them. I thought it was going to be perfect, but every time I tag along, something bad always happens. Always. I don't know what it will be, and I don't know when, but something bad always happens, and I'm always...

  • All Time Low Love Story
    82.5K 547 46


    Completed   Mature
  • You're Just A Daydream Away
    20.3K 484 26

    Completed   Mature
  • Sing Me to Sleep [all time low fan fiction]
    473K 6.6K 44

    kelly barakat is jack barakat's sister who falls in love with jack's best friend alex gaskarth. this is their story together

  • If it hurts this much then it must be love. - All time low fanfic.
    14K 43 22

    Kara loves Zack, but old bestfriend Alex turns up and things begin to change...Jealous hearts will leave us all in ruins.

  • I'm A Walking Travesty (All Time Low Fanfic) [Watty Awards Winner]
    445K 9.6K 31

    [Watty Awards Finalist] Valarie is a young guitar tech fresh out of college with no money and no where to stay. Her best friend Freddy introduces her to twin sisters Samantha and Sof, both who are close to the biggest rockstars of all time, All Time Low. She becomes close to everyone on tour, but in particular...