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    >completed< it's easy, i post pictures of schmexy celebrities and you say whether you'd smash em, or pass on that opportunity. highest rank: #37 in random || 09/16/17

  • Beautiful Unholy Pictures of Gerard Way
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    this isn't like those annoying books where its one picture per chapter and the author puts something totally irrelevant to the picture as a caption... there's like more than 5, some have 20 pics in each chapter so you don't have to go to the next chapter every three seconds. Enjoy✨

  • The black rose that grew in the jungle
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    Something I wrote in the spur of the moment I don't think it's done yet leave any comment if you like it or not (title name is from a line of my favorite common song ~u black maybe)

  • Halsey Zodiacs
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    badlands 🛴

  • Band Memes
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    I don't even know XD. A bunch of memes from my favorite Bands :P

  • TØP Texts
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    #137 in fan fiction, Friday, June 23rd #122 in fan fiction, Sunday, June 25th #108 in fan fiction, Tuesday, June 28th #99 in fan fiction, Monday, July 3rd #806 in fan fiction, Tuesday, August 22nd #569 in fan fiction, Friday, October 20th

    Completed   Mature
  • Instagram | Gilinsky
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    @jackgilinsky liked your photo @jackgilinsky started following you + lowercase intended all my own work highest rank: 1 in fanfiction copyright © 2017 by kthotline

  • Pictures of frank ireo
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    Just a little frank in your life

  • Sleeping With Sirens Lyrics
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    All of the lyrics to all of the songs Sleeping With Sirens made. WARNING: May contain cussing.

  • 100 Sleeping with Sirens Facts
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    All the facts you should know about SWS :) Note: There are Spanish and Italian translations of this story that can be found in my reading list

  • Emo Zodiacs
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    Have you ever wondered what fall out boy song you are? Desperate to know which green day video is most like you? Well, now you can find out, all by the power of your zodiac sign! THIS IS JUST FOR FUN PLS DON'T TAKE IT SO SERIOUSLY Y'ALL NEED TO FIND SOME CHILL HONESTLY. [I make all of these myself] -DM requests-

  • ❛ 100% FRANK IERO ❜
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    >completed< hello, frankophiles. welcome to 100% frank iero. read with caution: side effects include burns from how hot frank is, toothaches from how sweet frank is, and bruises from a possessive gerard way. highest rank: #46 in random, 06/11/17