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  • Dare To Love [COMPLETED]
    121K 3.6K 29

    A dare that lead them to a ROMANCE that only them can understand. Can you hold enough your LUST if the only thing you want to do is to Fuck her with all your might. What will happen if the DARE you started become LOVE? What will happen if he would discover the DARE you bet with your friends.? Rated SPG/R18 Date starte...

  • Whiskey Lullaby [COMPLETED] #WSAwards2018
    24.2K 613 14

    What if the girl you love cheats over you? Would you still love her back? o Ipagtulakan nalang ito palayo? A love that never last untill the end... A short story of a love that no matter what happens it will always put you together..

  • Fall for you [COMPLETED] (Under Editing)#RainbowSA2k19
    83.2K 6.8K 75

    LOVE???? If its because of his eyes his lips his great body It's not love "Its LUST" If its because of His intelligence or Insight about life Its not love "Its ADMIRATION" if its because He cries everytime You leave Its not love "Its PITY" If its because He makes you forget To study and sleep Its not love "Its IN...

  • The Rebellious Princess [ COMPLETED ]
    69.2K 4.3K 50

    Cassandra is known as the rebellious princess... A beautiful hot sexy powerful... A girl that make your life miserable.. A girl you never wish to mess with.... And a girl you wish you could love but unfortunately she's as cold as ice... She's a girl that hate all the things about her family... She was a rebel in her...