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  • The Last Sophian
    2K 283 18

    Her entire race was slaughtered her birth by the Bashmatti. Diana, the sole survivor of the Sophian race is left behind in the human world, hidden from the remorseless assassins. However, her powers have begun to manifest and the Bashmatti have begun the hunt once again. Will Diana be able to survive against an entire...

  • Fallen
    6.4K 310 46

    *COMPLETED* ***sneak peak** I release a growl. Stepping towards him. My so called mate. He has done this to me. I bare my teeth, yet he doesn't move. I stand in front of him meeting eye to eye my jaws slightly parted near his neck. It's tempting. "I'm sorry." He's sorry? He's fucken sorry! Did he know I was going to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fatal Conclusions (Book 3, the Fatal Trilogy Series)
    4.3M 225K 49

    With Alyssa stuck behind enemy lines and the fate of the pack hanging, tensions are higher than ever in this final installment of the Fatal Trilogy. ***** Book 3 begins right where Book 2 left off, with Alyssa captured and brought to the top pack's...

  • The Dynamic Duo
    4.4K 1.5K 26

    THIS STORY USE TO BE "MY TWIN BAILEY" Halley is a teenager living her life with her single Father. When everything seems perfect, a series of events comes into place. All hell breaks loose, when Halley meets someone she has not met in years. They are the perfect duo, A Dynamic Duo. Who does Halley meet? What happens a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Timeless Death
    76 10 4

    Eva is dead. But then she wakes up, disoriented, in a hospital morgue where she's kidnapped by an unknown man. He catapults her into a realm of chaos and wars hidden beneath the world she once thought she knew.

  • Married to the Prince of Darkness (COMPLETED)
    65.8M 2.2M 103

    Amelia Hayden is busy senior at college with no time for boys, parties or fun. This all changes one Halloween night after she accidentally finds herself at the center of a cruel prank that sees her being offered up to the local legend, the Prince of Darkness, as his virginal bride. Believing the urban myth to be untru...

  • Death's Messanger
    206 8 7

    Deception. Lies. Heartache. Love ? Hate. This is not a story for the weak of heart. It is meant to be an emotional ride so fasten you seat belt and take this ride with me. Death is something I have endured my whole life. From the young age of 15 all the way to now death has followed me. Always in the shadows waiti...

  • Patient 9
    332 37 5

    A young women, (known as patient 9) who has been captive in a highly secure "psychiatric hospital" for many years not knowing her true identity, breaks free and unattended inside the establishment to try find out who she really is? Is the truth really worth it?

  • Trying In A New World
    37 6 2

    Please peole don't try to steal my story I will really go crazy if I see another tory like mine on Wattpad© Valentina Renata Lucas is only tying to save her little sister,Valeria Regina Lucas, after her drug addict father takes her whoreing mother and goes away to Las Vagas. While the couple have fun and parties Valen...

  • The nerds take over
    35 3 2

    17 year old alia moves across the country to a new school. Her mother has been her teacher for 4 years but now her mother is a lawyer. So that leaves alia all on her own. Please read this book I'm 9 years old and LOVE to write!❤

  • The Walker
    5.1K 247 9

    Axel: Vampire prince, cocky, hot, snobby, flirty, has people falling at his feet. Sage: Vampire hunter, human, sarcastic, literally has people falling at her feet Ace: Lycan prince, sweet, determined, caring, dominant, prefers for people not to fall at his feet but at a reasonable distance What do these three have in...

  • Satan's Assassin
    644K 22K 46

    9 years ago Isabella lost her entire family to rogue werewolves. That day she also became the vessel for Satan. Now to the present day Isabella is a hunter, to be exact the second strongest hunter. Getting a new assignment she's sent to the Greenburg, the town of the wolves. A very supernatural town. Greenburg is the...

  • In Love With The Devil
    21.5K 532 23

    He pulls me upward, deepening the kiss. He nips at my bottom lip and i gasp. His tongue darts in, exploring and tasting my mouth. Sharing his peppermint taste. It wraps around mine and drags it into his. The peppermint taste makes his mouth feel colder then mine, but god is it amazing. We kiss like this for what seems...

  • Absolute Imperfection
    38 8 3

    Out in the world by herself,she has to face her biggest fear which is within.....its not harmful but it could be dangerous..after years of ignoring it....probably not ignoring but more of not realising what she is..its just the beginning....all she can do now is control within before it eats her up...the story of an a...

  • Serving Mr Popular
    69.9K 2.8K 24

    "Whatever, I call people as I deem fit," he interjected expressionlessly. Okay, that was insulting - how on earth did the name 'banana girl' suit me? He paused, then added with a smirk, "Or do you prefer 'servant' instead?" "What?" I frowned in confusion. "Servant'?" "Yeah, 'servant'." He cocked his head to one side...

  • The End of Time
    104 17 3

    They killed my family. I was only 12 when it happened. I discovered my family's bodies in my own home. That was when it all started. Time stopped exactly at midnight. I eventually ran away and met a man named Mark who was like a second father to me. He raised and taught me how to fight. Mark told me who stopped time...

  • The Silent Assassin (B1)
    393K 14.6K 37

    An orphan, an assassin, a lethal killer, a protecter. 16 year old Gabrielle Thompson has a dangerous name, feared even by the strongest. Gabrielle is assigned by 'The Fates' to assassinate unwanted creatures. Gabrielle isn't a regular human nor regular werewolf she's different. That is why she was thought to have died...

    Completed   Mature
  • The bad boys secret
    15 1 1

    16 year old Lana Ray is smart, funny, pretty, and has the attention of the bad boy Jaden Collins. Jaden Collins may look like your typical bad boy tattoos, a few piercings, dressed in all black, talks bad and says dirty things but when Lana and Jaden are partnered up for a project will Lana fall in love and find out h...

  • Fading (COMPLETED)
    5K 282 74

    Poetry~ *trigger warning* If you ever need someone to talk to.. You can always message me.. Whether on here, or on Instagram or Facebook.. It's okay. I might not respond right away, and I may be a little awkward, but I'll respond. Just message me. Okay? I'll be there for you if you need someone to talk to. Instagram...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loving Plan A
    7 1 1

    When Plan A fails move on to Plan B. But plan B could be bad. So then we are back to loving Plan A. Loving Plan A is a story of plans and how sometimes you get what you deserve rather than what you want. What you deserve is totally unexpected but so is everything in this story Plan A Plan B Plan C to Plan Z

  • Im not gonna Say It Again
    11 2 2

    Love when expected the least

  • exhaust
    31 5 5

    A story of everyone

  • Love Queen Up
    18 4 4

    A Queen trying to love herself, finds love in all the right places.

  • The Legend Of The Horse{ON HOLD}
    2.9K 582 15

    When 16 year old Syra decides to run away from her abusive uncle's home, she never imagines her life would change so drastically. After discovering that her favorite childhood legend about a horse with healing powers is, in fact, real, Syra goes on a lengthy adventure to save the horse, not knowing that she'd discover...

  • Too Late To Say I Love You
    561 10 1

    Alexa Dowell is a small town girl who is down on her luck, working at a cafe in the middle of no where, she finds herself working long hours late into the night. So when she gets off work and things just go further down hill it's no surprise when things take a twist then come around to a tragic end.

  • Two Dead Hearts
    19 2 2

    Amorette Dusk checks into Centracare to be treated for her personality disorder, unlike most mental hosptials this one puts down the patients deemed not cureable. Amorette is deterimed she'll get better, when she's placed in the hands of Dr. Salvadore her hopes of getting better grow. But will she get better? (This is...

  • The Different One
    90 2 2

    Rayne Crimson was born a wolf, when her doctors found that 47th chromosome it was obvious she wouldn't live a normal, human life. Rayne accepts that she's different, embraces the lonley life of no friends to save herself the heartbreak for when she leaves. When Rayne returns home after her testing in Toronto she is a...

  • Destiny
    54 2 2

    she's alone. She doesn't realize how lonely she is. She is a wolf her whole life only then when she turns red,she realizes that her life is changing. She moves lonely and afraid when she shifts. She's human but how when she was a wolf her whole life? Her mate is close, so close. She wants him, needs him. But what wi...

  • The Billionaire's Heir
    18.7M 519K 28

    Luke couldn't stop thinking about Bianca Wilson and the night they'd shared. He wanted to find her so he could satisfy the itch to have her again. But he was a man who always kept it simple with women and made his intentions clear to them from the start. Bedding them more than once only made them feel like there was m...

  • The Last Warrior
    8.7K 316 33

    Meet Isabella, she just a regular teenage girl who's not the prettiest and not the popular one. She is the Last Warrior, but she doesn't know she a werewolf. When she spends the night at her friends house this weekend, her life is about to change. Isabella shifts for the first time. Her mate is the guy she hates. Will...