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  • Finvarra's Circus [Available on Amazon/iBooks/Kobo/BN]
    2.5M 45.2K 33

    [Now available in ebook and Paperback] Born with a damaged heart, Leanna Weston has lived a sheltered life with little chance at adventure. When she hears that Finvarra's Circus is coming to her small town, she sneaks off to witness the magic first hand, sure that this is her only chance at experiencing true magic-e...

  • Hunting the Hunter (Second in Lone Wolf series)
    1.2M 40.6K 34

    Sequal to 'Lone Wolf'. Brendon is a hunter. Born immortal with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing all immortals who threaten the well being of humankind. Ella is a vampire. A vampire who wants to do nothing other than bring death to all men who remind her of her past... of her current master. For Brendon...

  • Scottish Destiny
    3.3M 56.8K 31

    Lady Kathryn McGregor knew her heart was stolen the first time she saw this handsome knight. When he gallantly came to her rescue, she knew there would be no one for her but him. His parting words to her, she could still hear his voice clearly as that fateful day so long ago. She too looked forward to the day tha...

  • The Corinthians Series: Rules of Masquerade
    1.5M 37.1K 31

    What will you get if you pair a reckless, impulsive, dramatic young lady and London's corinthian and master conspirator in an obscure engagement? Simple: the bride to be will try to flee and the groom to be will do what he does best, to seduce and conspire!

  • The Black Knight (Watty Awards 2012 Finalist)
    9M 233K 40

    She found him on the beach. His clothes spoke of wealth, his hands told of work, but it was the scars on his face that told Nan who the man before her was, Sir William Horton, the resident Hero of Ashford. He was the richest man in five counties and a well known bastard. Rumors of every kind were whispered about Ashfo...

  • Paladin
    14.3M 400K 69

    Sam is the most promising swordsman among this year’s crop of Paladin trainees...and knows it. Brash, cocky, and unbeatable with a sword (well, almost), Sam is the kingdom of Thule’s best hope against the violence wrought by demons. The only problem is that Sam is really Lady Samantha, daughter of the seventeenth Duke...

  • Fallen Angel
    2.5K 46 7

    Summer has just lost her brother to a murder. Her family is falling apart and believes she wants to commit suicide. It's not exactly true. She just wants her brother's muder to be found. That's when fallen angel, Kyle Browser comes to her rescue. He will help her find the muderer but he'll also help her find something...

  • Fallen
    226 1 5

  • An Angel's Identity (NEVER GOING TO FINISH)
    4K 70 11

    Cori is just like any other amnesia victim. she doesn't remember a thing about her past. Not her real name, her real age, her family... but there's something off about her. a hidden past that can't wait to find her. Will it? Or will Cori be able to live her new life with her new friends in peace?

  • A Penny's Worth of Affection(Published)
    4.9M 95.7K 34

    A Penny's Worth of Affection is now available on Amazon (links on my profile). This version on Wattpad is a sample copy only. Penelope Inglewood discovers her brother is in love with the betrothed of the most ruthless man in England, The Duke Of Newbridge. She must find a way to save her family from ruin and turn her...

  • The Watchers Wake
    711K 9.4K 43

    Natalie doesn't believe in soul mates, ancient bonding rituals or fate - despite what Jari claims - and she certainly doesn't believe she will love him or any other idiot that destiny throws at her. But Natalie's dreams tell another story. She can't escape her fate, she must find her Irin, only then will she unleash...

  • Dark Guardian
    12.9K 271 16

    No one knows why each guardian angel is appointed their own human charge to look after; is it though Fate? Love? Or God's will?...more importantly what happens to you when you're angel goes dark?...Charlie Green is about to find out in this shockingly unfortunate story of loss, life and tainted love.

  • Nobody's Angel
    405K 8.5K 38

    Eva is just the shy, nerdy girl. She prefers to be alone, and doesn't take anyone's crap, along with Elena and Cassie, her two best friends and the only people she needs. So, what does she do when Seth Valdez, a mysterious and persistent, not to mention sexy, guy enters her life and refuses to get out of it? Book 1 of...

  • Tainted Angel [On Hold]
    28.3K 317 13

    [Vampire & Angel love story] Aveen Salvotore is strong, brave, beautiful and she can kick ASS! She's a hunter she works on her own and doesn't follow orders. She doesnt follow the rules, she makes them. She lives with her (drug lord of a) brother who sells drugs, to not any old ordinary person but to the people of the...

  • The Archangel's Daughter (Book 1 of The Angel Chronicles) EDITING PROCESS
    421K 8.4K 31

    What if God gave you another chance to live, not as a mortal, but as an angel… an angel of death. Huntress Matthews, the violet eyed girl, never knew what a normal life is. She was constantly surrounded by responsibilities, guards, and assassins. But heaven was watching her, they were watching her way too much, as she...

  • The Prayer Chronicles: The Angel Agreement [Completed]
    115K 1.4K 27

    Anastasia has lived a pretty normal life, despite the fact her mother's loaded with cash. However, she's probably the most normal teenage girl a person could meet. Black hair, glasses, bookworm. Anastasia in a nutshell. However, when a gorgeous young male is dumped out of a speeding car as Anastasia's walking home, t...

  • Loved by an Angel
    7.2K 107 8

  • Watch Over Her
    535 4 9

  • Angel Academy: Rebirth ~Sequel~
    70.6K 1.8K 2

    Once again Emma Rose is swept back to Angel Academy, now entering her Sophomore year. Same old crazy teachers, same old Elemental Badasses. But also, same old danger. Jared Black has returned. And he will not stop until he has Emma under his control. Now more than ever it's time for Emma to find herself and protect ev...

  • My Fallen Angel Likes Blood
    112K 957 33

    Emily Draven was always taught to fear death, but she knew someone was always with her. She always fantasized of meeting an angel. While doing homework one night, Emily sees a strange looking comet shooting across the sky and landing in the woods not far from her. Strangely, she is determined to find out just what...

  • My Guardian Angel (A Songfic Series)
    2.2K 12 2

    "I'm Stefan, I'm an Angel, I'm yours" This is just a short series featuring a Guardian Angel that has fallen in love, and just couldn't stay away. Each chapter goes along with the lyrics of songs that, to me, never gets old.

  • I'm an angel
    308 1 1

  • Silver Wings
    111K 1.5K 12

    Silver has been running from Prince Craven, second in line to the Demon throne, for at least 400 years. Just beause Silver swore her servitude to save the man she loved, doesn't mean she has to stay in hell. In fact, she keeps running, runs from the memories of the worst day of her life, runs from hell, runs from her...

  • Fallen Angel (boyxboy)
    5.6K 154 5

    Okay so I don't wanna give too much away in the description so read it yourself, but all i can tell u is that its a boyxboy....enjoy