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  • Dying In LA ( Complete)
    901 130 24

    I was in High School when I fell in love with this band. I am now a junior in college and also I am in love with the lead singer Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco, but I am to ashamed on what happened to me to tell him that. LA is the place where dreams are suppose to come true, they were coming true, until one pe...

  • ||Shut It|| Brendon Urie x Reader
    82K 4K 21

    Sequel to Fuck is a Bad Word! You and Brendon are struggling to settle down together in LA, but throughout the adventure of it all, you learn many things: about Brendon, about LA, about the music industry, but there is one dreaded thing you learn about the most. The media. Cover by me! UPDATES ARE EVERY SUNDAY!

  • Fuck is a Bad Word || Brendon Urie x Reader
    440K 15.9K 26

    "Hey, you there in the middle." At a Panic! At The Disco concert, you manage to catch Brendon Urie's attention. . . Enough to make him fall in love with you. He begins to constantly brighten your day with your shared love for coffee, your duets, his smug jokes, and he never fails to find a way to make you warm up to h...

  • Living With Beebo
    2.3K 74 15

    Taylor Urie had finally been kicked out her parents house and is forced to mve in with her famous older brother. Seems like the perfect solution... doesn't it?

  • Brendon Urie Imagines
    111K 2.5K 46

    Just a bunch of Imagines featuring our favorite Man/ Satan hybrid: Brendon Urie. I take requests.

  • Brendon Urie Imagines.
    235K 5.6K 118

    Welcome to this book! I imagine you are here because you love Brendon just as I do. Well, I made this book just for us. Lets take a trip and see what situations we could get into with the person you are here for. Other than that, the title says it all♥ .TakingRequestx .MiniSeries .SmutMaybeIncluded.. ;) 10.8.16 hit 1...