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  • We Went Broke at Midnight | ✔
    3K 280 35

    [COMPLETED] A girl's dad loses her job. A guy loses his wallet, girlfriend, and job all in a day. So what happens when the two strangers meet and both of them have money to spend and to blow off? - cover credit: @Iris_Underwood

  • The Forbidden Room
    145K 9.7K 12

    **A Blue Beard retelling** Based on Charles Perrault's fairytale, this YA Historical Fantasy short story set in Victorian England mixes romance, magic and mystery. After agreeing to an arranged marriage to escape her greedy relatives, 18-year-old heiress Amelia moves into her husband's manor determined to start a new...

  • Blood-Bound [ Lore of Penrua: Book I ]
    224K 19.6K 87

    A LINE UNBROKEN. A TRUTH UNSPOKEN. Born into wealth and privilege as the niece of an emperor, Starborn Lady Mhera never dreamt that tragedy would shatter her world. But darkness roils beneath the peaceful facade of the Holy City: a rebellion is brewing among the Arcborn-the dangerous, magic-blooded undercaste of Penr...

  • Adrift: A Little Mermaid Retelling
    7.9K 1K 45

    Agnes Allore's passions are simple: music, first and foremost, rules her heart. Second comes her best friend Daniel, a servant boy. As a girl, Agnes can do as she wishes; her beloved father indulges her willful spirit, and her troubled mother hardly pays her any mind at all. But as Agnes leaves her girlhood behind an...

    Completed   Mature