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  • Broken (McPriceley)
    30.2K 1.2K 62

    Just another McPriceley fanfic that'll end up being really long. Contains a lot of angst and touchy subjects, so this will serve as the trigger warning. Cover art drawn by me :P

  • In This World, Kings Are Crownless (Newsies)
    11.4K 365 21

    Newsies modern AU! This is going to be multi-chapter and multi-ships. Ships: -Race x Spot -Davey x Jack -Sarah Jacobs x Katherine -Fem! Buttons x Albert -Oscar Delancey x Race (fuck buddies) -Race x Jack (past) -Jack x Katherine (doesn't work out) This will include LGBT+ characters. A lot of LGBT+ characters. Crutchie...

  • We'll Carry On | snowbaz (0n h0ld)
    106 11 4

    *TAKES PLACE AFTER BOOK* *now edited! :)* So Simons magicless, Baz is pretty in love and Penny's the third wheel. As usual. Basically my spin on what happens after the book - Carry On! WARNING: there are spoilers so read the book first... #56 in SNOWBAZ :)

  • Setting Fires | ( jake x rich )
    61.8K 2.5K 32

    rich x jake jake x rich be more chill ⚣ "There's this guy I like," "Is he smoking hot?" "My house just burned down and you make a joke like that?" ⚣ When Rich Sets A Fire And He Burns Down The House, What Happens When Jake Confronts Rich Whos Been A Bit Off The Wall Lately? Can He Get His Friend Back? Or Is He Back...

  • Normal Kid School ☆ Richjake
    1.7K 116 15

    Jake is your average prince. A baker, a people person, a crowd favorite. But then his parents decide he has to go to school. In a whole other country. He meets three new people, one intriguing him the most. Rich Goranski. - Cover by @don'ttouchmyramen101

  • Pretend - Sincerely Three
    48.5K 2.6K 88

    AU: When Connor isn't abusive or dead and is, overall, a little nicer of a person and where the three get together. Switches perspectives. Trigger Warnings at beginning of chapters. Connor Murphy can't make friends easily, and is an outcast that smokes weed and tries handle his mother, Cynthia. Evan Hansen is a social...

    Completed   Mature