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  • 500 Words in a Chapter
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    Let's face it. There are way more cliché books on this website than there are unique ones. Even the ones people say are unique tend to have some kind of cliché undertone. And then the ones that really are unique almost never ever get discovered. And it sucks. But for those of you who don't know your book is cliché, th...

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  • you worry too much
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    read when you need a little picker-upper.

  • 1996 [harry au]
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    Alexis chose the summer of 1996 to visit her Nonna in small, poorly known Clarkesville, Georgia. This year happens to be her favorite. Because a certain guy with ripped flannels, loose thick curls, and piercing green eyes won not only his thrilling illegal drag-races, but won the best trophy of them all. Her heart. [w...

  • [ON HOLD] 36 Students in a Classroom
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    Update: This story has been discontinued. I won't be updating any additional chapters. Please don't blow up my inbox asking for updates, as there won't be any. If you choose to read regardless, that is your decision. - I am terribly sorry. Your mother lied to you. She told you that you were unique, and that as a teen...

  • Hiding Places; lrh
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    "Stop running off to your hiding places. This isn't a book, Safire, we aren't fictional characters!" He yells frustratedly, running a hand through his tousled hair. "This is real, we are real, and these things I'm feeling right now are definitely fucking real."

  • deep end ◈ swimmer!luke
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    loving him wasn't about staying afloat. copyright; brighteyedirwin cover by my bby @arcticpeters and special thanks to @horizonharry and @acidgrvnge

  • The Stepbrother // Luke Hemmings
    13.6M 404K 50

    When sixteen-year-old, Anastasia 'Annie' Evans, finds out that her mother's newly-engagement comes with having a stepbrother, she starts to develop a certain attachment to him; not knowing that she's about to embark on a euphoric adventure full of lust, lies, and secrets. [highest ranking : #1 in Fanfiction] - di...