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  • Unwritten Pages
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    (COMPLETED) Winterlyn (Winter) Evaline Lawly is the school's one. She's not noticed anywhere. She's not loud, she's not a teacher's pet. She's not popular, and she's not skinny nor fat. Winter is just...herself. But nobody notices her. No one knows that she exists. She's just another regular kid that drag...

  • Best Horror Books
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    A gathering of awesome horror books on wattpad. ❀ Please, be free to send me stories sugestions that you feel that fit this book ❀ ♡ cover by @TheBlueDJ ♡ _scamander

  • Blood Line (Urban)
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    "This was suppose to be easy, nobody was suppose to get hurt". Twenty year old Ivory Santana was what most people would call friendly and caring. She'd be the person you'd least expect to have a father running one of the biggest drug trafficking industry's in America. Ivory has went through great measures keeping...

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  • Men Who Sin
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    Book Three Don't Read if you haven't read the first two books or you won't understand. "I'm a sinner baby, so are you and that's why I love you" With Ohaji sentenced to prison and Jade & Silas done with the game for good it's up to there children to keep the legacy alive but hustling doesn't come easy. Al...

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