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  • SCP- On the run |#Wattys 2019|
    9.5K 259 13

    After several SCPs escape because the Foundation's on site warhead fails, an average boy is thrown into the mix when he finds some of the escaped SCPs and helps them to survive. But, will he be able to keep them a secret? The story can also be found here: And now...

  • Hazbin Hotel x Reader Scenarios
    242K 6.4K 78

    Requests are open! (You can't request characters though) This is for both genders! These only contain the main characters (Charlie, Vaggie, Cherri Bomb, Niffty, Angel Dust, Alastor, Sir Pentious) You can imagine yourself how you met them. I won't choose your species, gender, personality, etc... Those things are all up...

  • Back from the dead (Male abused reader x Rwby)
    26.1K 326 4

    My name is (y/n) Schnee and I ran away from home because I could not take anymore abuse from my family until I lost my life but I have some how come back.

  • Abused and Neglected OC x RWBY
    60.5K 405 12

    Simplified version: Ronald is the biological brother of Ruby and Yang and are at least 4 years older than them. Obviously he was abused and Neglected, then Ronald ran away and became a stronger person, soon accepted into Beacon.

  • Another Bloom(Sequel to Our Little Secret)
    145 15 2

    Watch the first book to find out what happened before.This takes place a few years later at the hospital.Watch to find more adventures of the Goldycorn ship!

  • Night Fury's Rage
    175K 6.3K 20

    While Hiccup is unconscious after the Red Death battle Toothless tries to wake him up. He shoots a plasma blast into his face and Hiccup breathes in the fire. A small mark forms on Hiccup's hand, a Night Fury spiraled up. Soon after he wakes up Hiccup develops some...symptoms...

  • High school (uncornxgoldy)(tinaxryan)
    2.7K 29 12

    Ok dudes idk what to put uhhh... Ok so basically the gang like the past years they are couples now and the "sisters" are in that school the gang doesn't know that they are the girls from daycare And I don't own theses characters I only own my ocs: j,Oliver,Rita,liv,luca And and read my daycare book first it will mak...

  • Unicorn x Goldy high school XdiscontinuedX
    417 15 3

    So basically Goldy is new she's a freshman and the thing is they don't know each other but this Goldy likes unicorn but unicorn likes her as a friend but Goldy doesn't give up it's like daycare were unicorn is in love with Goldy but this it's the opposite hope you enjoyed!!!

  • I Kind Of LOVE Her -Discontinued-
    414 14 4

    the sequel to I Kind Of Like Him!!!! Goldycorn is the semi dominate ship this time😂

  • I Kind of Like Him (Under editing And Complete!)
    8.5K 169 26

    Have you ever heard of RyGuyRocky's Daycare series? Well if you have this is a Fanfic for you! If not go watch it!! So this is a Unicorn Man x Goldy Fanfiction(with a bit of other ships too)!! I hope you enjoy!! #1 in Goldy as of April 21, 2K19 #1 in UnicornMan as of August 19, 2K18

  • (Completed)Remember me -a goldycorn fanfiction-
    8.6K 155 19

    Goldy is an oblivious child who friend zones everyone. Unicorn loves her but hates the fact she can't just know that. He finds out he's moving away and writes a diary and gives it to her. Will she realize she's loved him this whole time? or will she let him go for good.

  • Love is A Mystery (Ryguyrocky Daycare -Goldy × Unicorn Man)
    10.4K 270 22

    This story of Goldycorn takes place in the middle of 8th grade when they're older, all of them are 14 in this story btw. This is my first story and so it might take some inspirations from other Goldycorn stories. Cover is from Unicorn Fox on youtube. This story contains Goldy, Unicorn, Ryan,Tina, and Sabre. There migh...

  • Fight Falls AU {BOOK 1_BillDip Series}
    52.8K 2K 34

    Dipper and Mabel get into some trouble and are sent to Fight Falls for the summer. They will have to live with their Grunkle for the summer. There is a new guy in town called Kill Cipher and he has a murderous secret. Dipper can't seem to stay away from Kill since they have so much in common. They become best friends...

    Completed   Mature
  • Egos meet the Sides
    44.3K 1.4K 23

    Mark, Jack, and Felix's egos meet Thomas's Sides. Will they work together to defeat the evil that vows to kill all of them. Pairings- Danti Prinxiety Logicality Septiplier Remile- Remy x Emile Picani There will be more.

  • Renewed: The Little Four Sequel-Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons Story
    39.9K 1.7K 30

    The Little Four are back! Hiccup, Merida, Rapunzel, and Jack have been living in peace for quite some time, though still invisible to everyone. But suddenly, a new threat has come to their attention, and the 8 guardians band together to diminish what they think will be an easy threat. Well, that's all about to cha...

  • Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons: A New Beginning
    3.4K 144 11

    •DISCONTINUED• ~~ "We're all supposed to have a 'happily ever after', right?" "I don't know anymore..." ~~ After defeating Pitch Black for a second time, Rapunzel, Jack, Merida and Hiccup are supposed to live happily ever after... Or so they thought. Someone, or something, keeps messing with the fairy tale ending the...

  • Disney's Hogwarts
    3K 213 25

    We all know the stories about Rapunzel; the lonley girl in the tower, Merida; the brave princess who followed her heart against everybody's will. We should at least have heard about Hiccup, he who discovered dragons aren't so bad as we thought, and Jack Frost; the boy who wanted people to believe in him. But what if...

  • The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier)
    24.6K 854 25

    Two demons, Death and War, broke the rule and went above to the human world to mate. Satan needed to fix this Demi-demon mistake before Death's and War's demon powers spread across the humans by inheritance. Meanwhile, the offsprings were trying to figure out what's going on.... A/N: The pics are done by silvererros f...

  • Believer [PAUSED]
    233 14 3

    [WILL BE UPDATED UNREGULARLY AND PROBABLY BETWEEN LONG PERIODS OF TIME] Sean William Mcloughlin - a famous YouTuber with over 18 million subscribers known as Jacksepticeye - is not doing so well. Signe, his now ex-girlfriend, broke up with him a few sunrises before. He now only has his best friend Mark to stop him fro...

  • Not the same (Ipliers and Septiceyes x child!Reader)
    91.6K 2.8K 54

    [ REWRITTEN VERSION IS ON MY OTHER ACCOUNT, MORE INFO IN THE VERY FIRST CHAPTER ] You were an 11 / 12-year-old girl with (h/l), (h/c) hair. You ran away from your father because he was abusive. As you roam around on the streets, you meet someone you don't ever want to meet again. Somebody else offers you help, which y...