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  • Adam's Rib
    75 13 1

    Danny has spent his life trying to right the wrong perpetrated by his grandfather when he wiped out the female population. He arrives to work to find that after 55 years he may have succeeded.

  • The Smell of Coffee (#MyHandMaidsTale)
    264 67 1

    In this tale, a handmaid drifts into daydreaming and finds an opportunity for one final good deed. A 500 word short story for the contest #MyHandmaidsTale, by #Hulu and #MargaretAtwood. (Finalist: #top25) If you read it, please do comment. Your input is appreciated! Cover: Johnny Bijos

  • The Laughing Jail
    165 35 1

    Laugh at a man, go to jail. How the women in this particular institution find the hope and humor to get through their situation. Inspired by Desiree Fairooz, written for the @Hulu #myhandmaidstale contest.

  • An Unwoman's Tale
    191 17 1

    A short story inspired by Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale

  • Holding the Handmaid's Hand #MyHandmaidsTale
    184 6 1

    My Handmaid's Tale Hulu Contest entry. Told from the point of view of...wait for it...not a Handmaiden. *mic drop*

  • The Prose of a Silent Fighter
    57 4 1

    - her only escape is her words - top 25 of #myhandmaidstale contest // may soon be edited for other purpose

    Completed   Mature
  • Not Afraid Anymore #MyHandmaidsTale
    46 5 1

    Top 25 Submission for #MyHandmaidsTale No matter how much you fear something, you have to stand up to face it at some point.

  • The Daughters of Olofi: A Spiritual Rebellion
    65 11 1

    In 2027, a European collective of monarchs called The Royals, have overthrown the American government and changed its name to "Ishmael." Under the Ishmaelic rule, the identities of men and women of color are erased, and only referred to as "products." Products are bound by Reversed Colour Wheel clause --- a servitude...

  • Zoey, Willow, Clover Honey
    524 55 1

    WINNING ENTRY TO @Hulu and @MargaretAtwood 's #MyHandmaidsTale CONTEST! In an era of amnesia... I remember. Thank you for reading!

  • Turandot
    68 8 1

    A cold-hearted princess must choose between duty and love in her dealings with a foreign prince. My entry for #MyHandmaidsTale Contest.

  • The Flood
    219 21 1

    One of the Top Ten winners in the #MyHandmaidsTale challenge. We never saw it coming. We should have seen it coming.

  • The Rope Maker
    337 59 1

    When you're an ostracized single parent in a Fundamentalist world, some of the time you have to go along to get along. But in private, looking deep into your past can help you find a way forward into a different future. This is an entry into Hulu's #MyHandmaidsTale contest. Please consider clicking that star button an...

  • Men of the Sand
    84 11 1

    For as long as he could remember, Solomon Lloyd was obsessed with returning to Earth.

  • The News
    96 15 1

    "I don't really pay attention to politics," I said. But then, politics started paying attention to me.

  • Skirt
    633 88 1

    Under the totalitarian hand of the Controllers, the world is binary in every sense, down to the sanctioned clothing we wear. Non-conformity is punished, even if the gender of your soul does not belong to the gender of your flesh. **Top 10 Winner of #MyHandmaidstale selected by Margaret Atwood and Hulu** Inspired by M...

  • The Handmaid's Tale, my story submission
    257 13 1

    A brief story of life in Gilead.

  • Silent and Dark (#MyHandmaidsTale)
    241 30 1

    The room is silent, but only to me.

  • Her Redemption (#MyHandmaid'sTale)
    112 7 1

    A short story inspired by Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale". Top 25 of The Handmaid's Tale Contest.

  • Iron Jawed Angels #MyHandmaidsTale | ✔
    145 29 1

    HR | #493 in Historical Fiction Short Story winner in the Summer Awards 2017 Top 25 in the #MyHandmaidsTale contest // "Give me liberty or give me death." ~Patrick Henry // I had the heart of a lion resting in my skeletal frame. They would not prevail. I would fight. We would fight. We, the iron jawed angels. ...

  • Rubber Band
    30 6 1

    The more I learned about myself, the more I learned it doesn't take an entire society to carry out oppression. A short story inspired by themes of Margaret Atwood's A Handmaid's Tale. #MyHandmaidsTale

  • Spero
    267 40 1

    Once, my mother read to me every night before bed. Once, my father quizzed me on spelling words. Once, I studied how to read and write in a school where boys and girls learned and grew together. They say I am to forget all that now. But I won't.

  • Female Gaze
    197 21 1

    What do the women of Gilead see? A short story inspired by Margaret Atwood's THE HANDMAID'S TALE.

  • And Then They Came...
    237 29 1

    This is a unique take on the #MyHandmaidsTale contest. Enjoy.

  • A Forgotten Image
    47 4 1

    What was a sunrise? --- Entry for The Handmaid's Tale Contest