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  • The Light of Elysium
    316K 20.5K 86

    Book 1 (complete) - Veterinary student Elle wants to travel, but getting pulled into a magical kingdom by a unicorn isn't what she had planned. Thrust into an adventure in a land filled with dragons, men of fire and shapeshifters, she makes new friends and has a chance at love. But not everything in Elysium is benevol...

  • The Queen of Elysium
    152K 12K 90

    Book 2 - A game of Queen's conquest is set to be played across Elysium and in the four corners stand Elissa's suitors: - The High King - he insists that they are a perfect match, but will she agree? - The Dark King - bound by blood, but will she surrender to the dark elf within? - Prince Aren - her first tr...

  • The Twice Cursed
    10.3K 1.5K 54

    Two realms are divided. One realm of light and magic , another of dark and curses. The Starlands long ago banished all dark mages and sealed them away in the hellish Curselands. Fifteen years later, the Starlands are at peace and about to celebrate the betrothal of a young prince and princess. But the dark mages have...

  • Everything Is Eternal (Book Two)
    3.6K 866 55

    Nothing should be eternal. Everything should end. Change was coming to a world caught between destructive dark and the merciless laws of the light. The rule of the servants of the Eternal Light was about to end. The truth of everything was finally beginning to emerge. Three friends fought in different ways for a bett...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daevil's Tears
    3.4K 301 15

    Driven from the borderlands by raiders, Lyssandra and her older brother Darion are taken in by their estranged uncle who works at Villa Thessana, Dom Arjona's renowned distillery. The refugee siblings are given strict rules of conduct and put to work. Darion joins his uncle tending the orchards while Lyssandra toils a...

  • Teri und Siva
    3.4K 385 20

    Die Fledermaus Teri lebt allein in einem alten Dachstock. Die Erzählungen der Spinne Mara wecken Teris Neugier auf das Leben am Tag. Als er die verletzte Schwalbe Siva kennenlernt, ergreift er die Gelegenheit, endlich bei Tageslicht auszufliegen. Aber nicht alles ist so schön und farbenprächtig, wie Teri es sich in se...

  • INCARNATE | Book 3 of the Spirits' War Trilogy
    21.6K 3.3K 77

    Beware the wrath of a patient man. Patercius - once the Sun God, Inti - is on a path of destruction. Believing the spirits to be demons, the knight has tasked himself with fulfilling the Light's prophecy and ridding the world of shapeshifters once and for all. The Great Dragon Nwyfre, having reunited with his true lov...

  • Tales Between the Lines
    1.2K 316 58

    Destiny, Time, Schroedinger's Cat and Butterfly are on the loose! As the Four Metaphors of the Apocalypse, they are ready to take revenge on their captor, Universe himself. *** Respectable stories are born in a writer's cunning mind. Their less esteemed cousins are perceived in a heightened state of said writer's...

  • Little Brother
    4.3K 326 10

    THE LEGEND... Morien, a knight of Camelot, narrowly escapes his own execution at the hands of the wicked King Arthur. Barely alive, he flees into the forest of outlaws, where old magic and the dangerous few who remember it may be able to help him. Deep wounds and deeper mysteries lurk within the woods. Morien is not...

  • Return to the Seven Kingdoms (Book 2) - Eventual Revisions
    8.6K 1.2K 40

    Mermaids were supposed to be the stuff of fantasies. Beautiful myths designed to enchant and delight adults and children in equal measure, but now Jasmine knew better because she was one. Not only were mermaids real, they came in both genders and they had built thriving societies beneath the oceans' waves. Seven King...

  • A Blaze in the Dark (A New Dawn #1)
    91.1K 8.4K 69

    [High Fantasy/Dark Fantasy] Finally Sebastian is old enough to be a warrior. He has dreamt about joining his friends, Alex and Nick, for as long as he could remember. Little Fox doesn't like it one bit that he still has to wait nine more moons before he can prove himself a real man. But something is stirring in the Fo...

  • The Midnight Storm (A New Dawn #2)
    8.3K 1.2K 37

    [Book 2] Growing up isn't easy, especially not when you're Crown Prince Sebastian, heir to the Greenlander throne. While the God of Wrath reigns at court, the prince only finds empty seats at the dinner table. His once so close friends, Alex and Nick are fighting for their lives on opposite sides of the country, and K...

  • Artifact Hunter [HIATUS]
    620 107 6

    In a world where only the rich and powerful possess magical artifacts, Valery Vasqar dreams of becoming an Artifact Hunter. Her goal: to travel the world searching for the extremely valuable objects that lay buried among the ruins of ancient times, so that she can become rich and escape a life in poverty. Her obsessio...