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    Freddy: wHY DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS?! Me: Bc I said so bitch Jason:... Michael: *shrugs* Chucky: I WILL DESTROY YOU A- Me: *throws Chucky out of the window*

  • Horror Humor
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    Pictures I find funny, weird, or whatever. Everything horror and slasher related

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    Enjoy this random book idea chosen by someone who loves horror movies. Moi

  • Ask Chucky
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    Read the fucking title.

  • meme book
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    This is my meme book so enjoy

  • VS Stories
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    Pictures of people facing off other people

  • Freddy Jason and Michael do stuff
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    it shall get werid

  • Nothing but love (Freddy X Jason)
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    Freddy was Jason's enemy, even though they hate each other, doesn't mean they can't "do it" together... One day, Jason was at his home sleeping And he heard a knock at his door and you wouldn't believe who came..(it was Freddy!)

  • Umm idk
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    *writes* first book yay... I guess

  • Jason's Back
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    Freddy has stolen one of Jason's victims and Jason is mad

  • Ask/Dare The Slashers
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    Okay, well go ahead and ask or dare any of us.